Tuesday, June 16, 2009

One Less Body

Sailor's Delight

Ah, glorious summer. We're supposed to have our first 100° day today, and the Minibeast is already whining about playing in the yard. *sigh* I'm sorry, but I'm an air conditioner girl. I like the lake, and don't mind sitting out in the back yard while Minibeast plays. But frying myself in supreme heat isn't one of my favorite pasttimes.

I spent much of the morning in a daze. Mini woke up at 6:30 and decided it would be a fun time to go chase the Divadog through the house. I crawled out of bed and took up my roost in the desk chair so I could give him the evil eye anytime he walked near her. Thankfully, things have calmed some.

I'm working on the full length again today. Slowly but surely, I'm pushing closer to 40k. I closed a major plot hole yesterday, and merged two characters into one. One less body to juggle is a good thing. Yes, indeedy. Now I get to write a scene I've been itching to lay hands on. That's the plan for today.

Right now, this very minute, over at the Midnight Moon Cafe blog I'm giving away free readings with the Farber and Zerner Wish Upon A Star fortune telling kit. Hurry on over and pose a question!

That's all I've got going on here for now. I hope you all have a jazzy Tuesday!


  1. W-O-W!! 40k already? I'm impressed! That's really good progress. You know, it's funny, but seeing how you've been chugging along has inspired me to create 'mini-goals' of my own. I don't know if I'll accomplish them. Some days, dinner hardly gets done on time... but at least it's giving me direction rather than having me flail aimlessly.

    My sequel isn't working- I'm totally stuck, so I got to working on a YA fantasy project and the ideas are rolling in. So I guess that brainstorming maternity leave was good for something. ;)

    *HUGS* Stay cool.

  2. Glad I'm helping in some way, Isy. :*) The mini goals help. I'm almost to 40k - hopefully this week! *fingers crossed* I think I'd be too intimidated to push forward on a full length wip without taking smaller steps.

    Good luck with your YA fantasy. I love it when the ideas roll in like that!


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