Friday, June 19, 2009

Make Some Noise

Lots of craziness today. Mini is back from Grams - she kept him an extra night because he was yowling about wanting to go swimming a second day. He's back home now, so of course he wanted me to play games with him to make up for lost time.

We watched a few episodes of My Life As A Teenage Robot, then let Hubby and Oldest have the den. While the guys watched a movie, Mini and I played a few rounds of the Poochie card game, which somehow migrated in from the storage shed along with that box of Pound Puppies. After that, we made towers of little tiny junk toys from the toybox and plowed the towers down with Hot Wheels cars.

Hubby worked last night, rounding out his shift this cycle. He's off today through Monday. And today just happened to be errand day. Oy vey. I just managed to make it back home from bill paying and grocery shopping - all those glam things I do every week. I was a bit miffed this week to find out our local Wally World took the sugar-free peanut butter off the shelves. WTF? First they ditched my Vanilla Red tea, now my peanut butter. I gotta find a new place to shop... hopefully without having to drive 40 miles to get there. :P

I'm back home now, the clothes are in the wash, and all the groceries are put away. I think I'm good to break out the wip. Mini is napping on the couch, and it looks like hubster finally went on to bed - he's only been up since 4 am yesterday?

Oh! Speaking of the wip: writing. I cleared the 40k mark last night. Woot! So I've officially made my word count for the week. *dance, dance* My wip is sitting at 147 pages right now. I'm determined to hit the 150 mark tonight. Wish me luck!

Happy weekend, everyone!

Dirtygrrrls_Dirtybois by Faderhead


  1. Hell's bells - I want some of that goth artwork!

  2. Rockin' that manuscript, aren't ya, girl? Woo-hoo! Knock those pages down, sugar! I know you can do it!


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