Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Make Me Cold

Ugh, it's been a tough day. I'm so tired. The window unit air conditioner in our bedroom went out last night, and omfg I couldn't sleep. Neither could hubster. It was just too darn hot.

Hubster and Oldest managed to get an older AC out of storage (good grief, I can only imagine what all kinds of junk is in our storage shed by now), and installed it this afternoon. Ah...blissful air. It seems to be working well. Thankfully we'll be cool and cozy tonight. I need Arctic-like conditions in the bedroom to sleep.

Today I finished up another round of Wave Rider edits. I do believe that was the last round, since it asked for my bio at the end. Cool beans! Now I can focus solely on the full length wip and let the rest fall where it may.

The full length story is going. I'm roughly 25k into it now, and my Word count is registering 95 typed pages. The heroine's thru-line is plotted through to the end, and I believe most of the scenes are in place. I'm now working on the hero's alternating storyline, so I've kind of slowed a bit to do more plot cards. Ho hum. I still hope to hit 2k on it tonight. On average I've been getting in 2-3k per writing session.

Back when dinosaurs roamed the earth the newly discovered Jurassic Park, and Tank Girl comic books were all the rage, I could write a 350 page novel in about four to six months. As you can imagine, my writing sucked the big one back then, but somehow I managed to fill box after box with completed, if horrible, manuscripts. I'm trying to get that groove back - writing the 350 page novels - minus the suckage/horrible part, of course. And let's be straight, shall we? It's kicking my ass. I'm a novice learning pacing all over again, and oy vey, what an effing pain!

I've been disecting some of my fave print books, counting numbers of pages, numbers of chapters. Numbers of scenes within the chapters, anything and everything to uncover the hidden mystery of carrying this puppy to full term. Cross your fingers for me,ok? Because I think I might cry if this damn thing fizzles out mid story. So far, so good, but I.Live.In.Fear!!!

Whew! That was a lot of...something not very important. Congratulations if you're still reading this post. :P Oh! But I did learn something handy earlier today. For srsly. I figured out how to make yarn balls. Nifty, yeah? In the middle of editing a short story, I started feeling twitchy (basically, MY GOD, when will this behemoth end?!) so I googled yarn ball making and wound about 6 balls of yarn out of the remnants in my yarn chest. Crafty! And probably a new low in the face of procrastination, but I digress....

It's time to get off the royal duff and go make supper. Hm. What can I do with ground turkey meat. *pondering* Hope you've all had a super snazzy Tuesday!


  1. I could not take the heat you deal with. I can't sleep when it's hot either. Of course hot to me means mid 70s.

    (which we have yet to reach in my part of the world. We're still sleeping under a blanket and last night it was chilly enough I eyed the duvet and thought about putting that back on the bed. And yet in two weeks time, the days will start getting shorter again. Gotta love Canadian weather.)

  2. Wow. I can't imagine needing heavy blankets this time of year. I usually just kick the covers off onto the floor.

    It's the humidity that's so bad. It makes the air feel heavy, so when you step outside and it's blazing hot, it's like someone has dropped a bag over your head. Suffocating heat. :P

    Really, it's not too bad right now, but I can tell already we're going to have a HOT August.


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