Thursday, June 11, 2009

Furious Balancing

funny pictures of cats with captions
*giggle - giggle - snort*

An interesting truth: My kids think I'm awake, but really, I'm just sitting here with my eyes open.

Before I reluctantly got out of bed this morning, I remember dreaming I was walking across Tech campus in Ruston. I'm guessing it was sometime in the early morning hours since the day was kind of misty gray, but I was comfortable and had a stack of books in my arms. I planned to return the books to the old city library building or something like that. Very vivid dream. Then out of nowhere, and I'm serious about this, I'm blasted awake - out of a perfectly comfortable, restful sleep - by the Knight Rider theme song. Indeed. *_*

Mini had taken his "mix tape" CD and put it in the DVD player and was using it as his own personal stereo. Loudly. I crawled out of bed, nerves all frazzled, and when I stepped toward the living room entryway I heard him say (apparently to himself) "I want it louder!"

*sigh* Is this a preview of the teen years to come?

I have restored order here at Chez Cora, but now I have a major sleep hangover. If hubster was home today, this would be one of those "they are your children" days, and I'd go back to bed and sleep for another 2 hours. As it stands, I'm in the dining room drinking what is hopefully very caffeine-laden tea while waiting for a pot of coffee to brew.

Last night I plotted 8 new scenes for my anti-hero. *chicken dance* I swear this guy... He's so dark and moody, he doesn't want anyone to know his story. Not even me. But we had to have a little heart to heart last night - I know he's Mr. Hawt and all that, but if he didn't reveal some action to me asap, I was just going to have to kill him off in the 2nd chapter and bring in the real anti-hero.

That got him talking, but I think he hates me now.

I figured today I can start the dash to this week's goal of 30k. I'm in the 27k territory, so unless a lot of stuff goes down between now and Sunday, I should be able to meet or surpass that mini goal.

That's it for now. I'm gonna go grab a cuppa coffee and sift through notes until inspiration strikes. Happy...wait. Oh, wow, is it already Thursday? It is! How the heck did that happen? The things you miss when buried in a book. *_*

Happy Thursday, everyone!

♥ Daysleeper - REM (Unplugged)♥


  1. Mmmm... coffee sounds yummy. Particularly a caramel macchiato. *dreams* I like your idea of setting mini-goals. I'm trying to do that with scenes. I'll sit and say- 'ok Isy, finish the scene, that's all you gotta do.' Helps keep me from doing: 'this book will never be complete, i have 8 more chpts to write!!!" etc

    Happy Thurs!

  2. *groan* I hate those sleep hangover mornings. I feel like I'm dragging myself through the day. Funny that you drink tea while waiting for the coffee to brew. I do that too!

    Keep chugging toward your goal, C. When you reach it, set another one. I'll be here with the pompoms ^_^


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