Friday, June 05, 2009

Friday is for Vampires


Friday is a for vampires! And demons, and werewolves, and ghouls....

What I'm trying to say is: the full length novel (an urban fantasy) is underway! Oh, and just for the record, the index card beast of yesterday is sated.

There was much nashing of teeth when I ran out of cards in the middle of scene calculation Thursday afternoon, and that resulted in an unexpected trip to the dollar store. It was raining like a bitch too. I hate driving in the rain, especially since BBQ Jeep needs a major brake job, but I neeeeded them. Do you understand, my precious? *_*

It's not the same to write out scenes on Post-Its. Sticky notes en masse + ME = really, really bad idea. Horrifyingly bad idea. With Post-Its stuck all over it even. We won't even go there. No, it's index cards for me, please.

On the plus side, I always feel jazzy after picking up new office supplies, and the index cards turned into an idea explosion when we were back home. Of course by that time, the kidlets were hopping around the office: "Feed me, mother, feed me!" Oh foo. You mean I have to feed you? Both of you? Oh, okay....

While making macaroni and cheese with little hotdogs in it, I worked through seven scene cards, arranged and rearranged them. Set up two Question Cards ("what if" questions I came across while arranging the scenes), and basically rounded out the first *dilemma in the book - which I didn't realize I hadn't done until all the pieces suddenly fell into place.

*Dilemma = heroine/hero has a problem, they find a way to fix it, only to land themselves in worse trouble than before. Torture your characters, people. It's the only way.

As a sidenote, I'm going to add, if you're a writer and don't own a copy of Scene and Structure by Jack Bickham and Beginnings, Middles, and Ends by Nancy Kress, I highly recommend picking up a copy. I've learned a lot from both books, and I've notice a huge difference in my ability to pull a story together on the fly. With each story I write, I learn a little more.

NOTE: when buying how-to books, always check the copyright date to get the newest version of the book, since popular writing books are often revised and reprinted every few years.

So as of yesterday's macaroni bake session, I have progressed the story by seven scenes, added in the character that I wasn't sure I'd be able to add in (he makes up about 3 of those seven scenes) and the official word count is now up to 10k. Woot!

I know that's a lot of boring writerly things I'm sure no one really wants to hear about, but I'm kinda excited about it. The story is weaving itself together piece by piece, in ways that I hadn't anticipated. Not sure how to explain it? That maybe it's more complex than I'd at first thought?

At any rate, the story writing is going well for the time being, and I'm glad for it. I still have to clean up the short story that's finished, and I just got back my 2nd round of edits for Wave Rider - I have to make the edits a priority this weekend. So much to do, so little time....

Off for now! I have everything set up to take to ze bank, and my shopping list is staring me in the face. After this last cup of coffee, I'll round up the kids and run the gauntlet.

Happy weekend, everyone!


  1. Sounds as though things are coming together nicely for you. You're zeal for story construction amazes me. It's like you're the flagpole, sturdy and anchored and I feel like the flag fluttering at the top *_*

  2. Hey, AE, it doesn't matter how you get to THE END, as long as you do. Right, right?

    I have to really tackle the story structure thing when I attempt full length because I'm the queen of soggy middles. Oh, how I wish it weren't true. ~_~'

  3. I actually found that quite a fascinating account of process, Cora! Thanks for sharing! :)

    Back to writing for me. ;)

  4. Thanks, Emerald. :*) And happy writing!


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