Saturday, June 13, 2009

Desk Notes and More Spankings

Happy weekend, everyone! I've been getting a lot of folks coming to the blog looking for Cora Zane spanking stories. Hm. My spanking story isn't out yet, and it's probably going to be a few months before it's finished.

Patience, my friends, and I will try to come up with something to hold you over. ~_^

However, if you're simply browsing around looking for a free round of Cora Zane erotica OR paranormal romance, I can hook you up!

You can get a free copy of Heart Spell, Heart on Fire, and/or Under A Midnight Moon from the Midnight Moon Cafe downloads page.

All three of those are erotic paranormal romance. Heartspell is naughty spell casting, and the other two are erotic werewolf stories.

I also have a free erotica short story called What She Doesn't Know over at H is for Harlot. Very naughty stuff - and all of it is 18+ only.

For the people who have been looking for my freebie ebooks on torrent sites, I have a question for you... WHY? *_* That makes no sense to me at all. Like going to catburlgar lengths to steal free candy. Please.Get.Help. Just saying...

I'll also be adding a free .pdf download of all my free erotica flash stories to The Intimate Thoughts of Cora Zane this weekend. Sort of a smutty candy sampler. And who doesn't like those? ^_^ Stories included will be Payback, Viva Le Bull, and When I'm with you I ♥ . All stories are non-romantic erotica, so please note the disclaimer: 18+ to download.

Now that I've blabbed about all the linky things, on to the interesting stuff! Desk notes.... I haz them. I write tons of them. On sticky notes shaped like hearts, and stars, and little groovy flowers. And I often clip them to bigger notes with shaped paper clips - like the foot paper clip there. Basically, the notes are colorful, many, and hard to miss.

More than once hubby has gotten a good jolt or a good laugh out of what's scribbled on bits of paper lying on my desk. Like, let's see....todays confetti *grabs a note at random*... Cold water, nipples harden, desperate to be touched.

Ah. I'm pretty sure that's an old note that can be tossed out. I recognize it from Wave Rider. Anyway, the point is, there are lots of suggestive little tidbits over here. It's also why I check every little scrap of paper - grocery lists, signed papers for school, anything and everything if it has set on my desk longer than a day to make sure it's smut free before it leaves the house.

This morning I got out of bed and hubster was writing a grocery list while sitting in my desk chair. He tells me good morning, mentions there's coffee made, and asks me if there's something I want to add to the list. Twenty minutes later, after he and the Minibeast are gone to the store, I sit down and look at the sparkly, powder blue notebook lying open on my desk, and this is what's written in a jumbled cloud:

Harsh breathing, sex in public under strobing lights. Flickering, stop-start motion. Black and white. Flashes of color. Hearts pounding in time with the beat. He's unzipped. Calloused fingers slide under her skirt.

I'll admit it - I blushed, wondering if hubby had read it. The last time I jotted something like this down on something other than a sticky note, it was on the back of a To Do list that I handed to hubby before we made a trip to Lowes. He spotted it on when we were shopping for garden edging and laughed himself half to death. He asked me if the naughty bits were also "to do".

Maybe.... ;0)


  1. LOL! You and your naughty notes! I bet the hubster was more than happy to help you out. :P

    Bear woke up this morning and was so adorable with his hair all mussed that I wanted to jump him. I refrained...barely. LOL

    Have a great weekend, sugar.

  2. HA HA! Your hubby is pretty naughty. :-P Though I could definitely see my husband saying the same thing.

    xoxo Hope you're having an awesome weekend.

  3. LOL! I really should be more careful with the notebooks. ^_^ I hope you had a fun weekend with the Bear, Cass.

  4. I hope you had a happy weekend, Isabelle. Hey, how's it going with Dr. Wicked?


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