Friday, May 01, 2009

Sparkly Fresh

Today was Oldest's ring ceremony at school, so it's been a bit hectic. He brought home a trophy from the intermediate chess club. His ring was a bit too big, so I bought him a snuggie and told him to deal with it. His name is engraved inside, and don't want to risk messing it up by taking it to be cut down at a jeweler's.

Now that I'm back from banking and errands, I'm tackling the summer wip. Good grief this thing.... I don't know what my problem is, and I know it's me rather than the wip. I'm just tired, I think. Still, mom, can't I just burn the damn thing and start over? :P

Okay, so it's not quite that bad. It's my crappy draft writing. Why do I do that to myself? Meh. I noticed I'm not alone with that though. I saw some folks chatting about that very thing on Twitter. Oy, I feel their pain.

So that's the grand plan for the weekend - editing. Cleaning up messy sex scenes, and trying to make sense of the opening for chapter 2. At this point, I'm really not feeling the luv, but I know if I stick with it, eventually the paint will dry and I'll walk out of the corner. *thumbs up*

Happy friday, everyone!


  1. Happy Friday to you too!


  2. Oh, honey, it's quite acceptable to write a 'crappy first draft.' Allow yourself that. In fact Candy Havens preaches that in her Fast Draft course. Michelle Rowen once told me never to even consider sending anything to a critique partner until after you've finished the second draft.

    All my first drafts are awful messes. Then I fill things in on my second draft, and by third draft I'm starting to feel better about it. Don't feel bad if your first draft isn't sparkly and ready to go, it's perfectly normal!

  3. My first drafts always depress me. But you’re right, stick with it and it eventually works itself out. Best of luck editing this weekend.


  4. First drafts are called that for a reason. They are first.
    Works of art are called that for a takes work.
    Hun, even God practiced. He made man first.
    So, have patience with yourself and your drafts. ^_^


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