Monday, May 18, 2009

Rekindled Fire

Rekindled Fire traces the stories of ten couples who lose each other, only to find their way back together once again. The love stories here contain two unifying elements: profound love and erotic, passionate heat.

Whether the story is contemporary or features magic, vampires or shape shifting; whether it involves spanking, bondage, or simply pure, unadulterated sex; or whether the couples have been torn apart for several months or one hundred years; one question remains the same: Will these former lovers be able to rekindle the flame of love?

Contributing authors in this anthology include: Angela Cameron, Amber Hipple, Jen Bluekissed, Vanessa Vaughn, K. Ann Karlsson, Nini Richou, Cora Zane, Janne Lewis, Louisa Bacio, and Elle Amery

Cora Zane's Feral Instinct is part of the Rekindled Fire: An Anthology of Reunited Lovers ebook is available now through
Ravenous Romance !

About Feral Instinct:

During a moonlight run with her pack, Adriana Holt looks across the firelight and she can't believe her eyes. Since when is Caleb Brody back in town? He'd proposed a mating pact between them long ago, but then he'd left, saying she needed to grow up and get her priorities straight.

Well, she's all grown up now, and not about to let him hurt her a second time. Little does she know Caleb has other things in mind. He's looking to claim, and tame, Adriana - the only woman who's ever held his heart.

This story is only available in the Rekindled Fire anthology, available today at Ravenous Romance. Please note: this title contains explicit sex and language, and is intended for adults only. You MUST be 18+ to download/read this story!


Want a sneak peek of my feisty heroine, Adriana? She's also in my free ebook Under A Midnight Moon!

You can get a copy of Under A Midnight Moon at , so be sure to check it out!


  1. HAPPY RELEASE DAY!!!!! You are on fire! Will you rub some of that productivity on me? PLZ?? :( I'm totally falling behind.

  2. *tackle hugs* Thanks Isabelle for the happy release day wishes here, and at the Cafe - you're the bestest!

    Try not to be frustrated, hon. You write full length blazing fast - and just imagine when Peanut is a little bigger!

    Sending you an email...

  3. Congratulations, Cora! Wow, what a great week for you. I hope you have a great day and find the time to celebrate all your success.

  4. Thanks for dropping by to celebrate with me, Chandra. Hope you're having a great Monday. :*)

  5. Wishing you a fabulous release day!


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