Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Nerd Rage and Movies

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I get so wrapped up in writing, I'll buy DVDs and they end up sitting on the shelf for weeks, sometimes months, before I get around to watching them. Yesterday the hubster brought home a few new movies, so last night I dragged my laptop into the den and decided to stay up and watch Taken while the house was quiet. Hm. Within ten minutes, I'd shut down the laptop and settled in to watch the movie. Writing opportunity lost, but worth it for the sake of a good movie. Today I have to make up the slack though. So today's goal is 2k or bust.

I may have mentioned it already, but I'm currently reading Cruel Enchantment by Janine Ashbless. It's a collection of her short erotica stories, all of them with magical elements: shifters, dragons, succubi, etc. I just read her werewolf story in this collection and if you heard a disembodied fangirl squee - uh, that was me. So, anyway, I'm going to be reviewing this book very soon, so I won't go into detail at this point because I still have a few of the stories left to read.

A friend of mine recently asked me why I like short stories so much, and why I read more collections and anthologies these days than full length novels. Ok, here goes - once for the record: I like to sit down and read a story in one pop. Even if it's a 700 page book. Even if I'm awake for 48 hours straight to do it. Insane, but true.

I don't like to put a book down half way through, lose my place, my pacing, etc. but of course as the fates would have it, now that I have two kidlets, the minute I sit down to read, I hear a mysterious voice calling me from the other end of the house. "Mom...Mom...MOM!!!" So I have to put the book down and go find out what the heck the voice wants. With a short story collection, I can read the entire thing in one pop - 48 hours not required. I can tell the never ceasing voices: "Give me five minutes to finish these last 3 pages!" OR "Go ask your father!" Then I can finish that little story, put the book down and go diffuse whatever domestic apocalypse is taking place. When I come back to my book, minutes later, I can start with a fresh story instead of trying to find my place again. Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose.

See how convenient that is?

So anyway, short stories - movies - previews.... I'm waffling, I realize. Not nearly enough coffee this morning, so bear with me. I finally stopped long enough to watch the full theatrical trailer for Wolverine. It previewed on Taken, and dare I say it - I'm caving. Possibly? Ok, so I'm very conflicted over whether or not I should actually watch that movie.

I've read Wolverine comix for a long time, so of course I've read Weapon X - blah, blah, blah. Very sick of that particular storyline, honestly. The only thing possibly run into the ground more than Weapon X is the Phoenix Saga. The whole Weapon X thing is why I didn't run to the theaters for Wolverine Origins in the first place. On top of that, it seriously hacks me off to see them making Wolverine and Sabretooth brothers. I'm not really sure why, I mean, it's been suggested on and off for years. But I swear I have an older issue of Wolverine tucked away somewhere that has one of the writers of the series emphatically stating to one curious reader that the men are NOT brothers. Too, early on in the Wolverine series, Victor Creed (Sabretooth) told Wolverine he was his father. That's not believable at all, of course, and when Sabretooth later (much later) remembers part of his childhood - he was an only child abused by his crazy hillbilly father for being a mutant. They have played up the skewed memory thing for far too long. Fix this mess, comic book gods, lest I shake my fist at you for an eternity.

As you can imagine: I'm torn. I kinda sorta want to watch this movie, but at the same time, I don't want to walk away seething with nerd rage. Someone please tell me whether or not I should - and for the sake of arguement, some reason other than the fact Hugh Jackman is in there. Yeah, he's attractive, but he's not MY Wolverine.

So I'm back working on that HFI story I promised to extend into a full length. Oy vey. It's a plotters nightmare. I added a progress bar (of sorts :P) for it on the sidebar, but when I look at the numbers, I think I might be better off just rewriting the entire damn thing. We'll see.

Too, I'm still working on that short menage story - the one I hope to add the 2k on it today? It's not the one about the surfers, though. That's been submitted. Hm, I think I need to title this latest menage so it doesn't sound like I'm talking about the same project all the time. Will have to think on that.

Anyway, I have the ground work down for the menage, and a list of problems to work thorugh on the full length. Thank the stars for Holly Lisle's Plot Clinic. The full length seems fixable when I go back through the plot clinic, but it's gonna take a lot of elbow grease. As for that menage, it's at the stage where I can start layering in details. I want to have this one finished by mid-June. *thumbs up*

That's it for now. The guys are on day two of Mini's playset construction. I think I'm going to go pick up a box of chicken for them for lunch.

Happy hump day, everyone!


  1. I didn't read the comix, but I tell you, the brother thing didn't sit right with me, either. And I'm tired of the memory mess-up, too. Given what they put him through, he should be allowed to carry the hurt. It seems belittling, somehow, to have him go through all of that, and then *swish* memory's gone.

    Don't let my mini tirade color your opinion, though. Other than my picky points, and the comix 'history', the movie rocked. Both of my kids have seen it twice now.

    I'm glad you're making progress in the WIPs. Me? I'm whipping cookies, bouncing from story to story. But that might be the meds for the sinus infection... >.<

  2. Arg. Hope that sinus infection is better soon, AE, and that the wips start flowing again. Mine are going, just slowly. Like molasses flowing through the dirt slow. Eh.

    I'm double torn about the Wolverine movie now. I fear it would be like watching the sequels to the Matrix. I loved the first movie, watched the 2nd and immediately wished to hell I hadn't. :P


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