Wednesday, May 06, 2009

My Own Magic Button

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I'm having one of those mornings. Yes, indeedy. Please, can I have my own kill switch? Pretty please? I want one just like this one!

Yes, yes. Moving along now....

I'm almost ready with another chapter to send to my crit partner. I managed to write a new beginning for it, jazzy up the dialogue, and red pen the bejeezus out of it.

Anyway, I'm confident this book will be ready to go out by the end of the week and OMFG it's red faced and panting HOT. I think this may be my first "toys required" ebook. Or at least I'm hoping it will be. We all need to have at least one of those in our libraries, right? Right? *crickets*

If nothing else can be said for today, it's a perfect day for writing. We've had the dreariest weather for the past three day - no sun and gray skies. Blah.

Just for my fellow ebook authors, I've added two new handy dandy links on the right sidebar of my blog. They go to two difference sites where you can report ebook piracy. I personally favor the Internet Complaint link. It is so ridiculously simple to use, and takes only moments to fill out - which is a good thing, because apparently I'm like the effing Fugazi of pirated ebooks. *kill switch*

Both government sites accept information about copyright infringement, but the Internet Crime Complaint Center sorts the oranges and apples for you. Yay! They make sure your complaint goes to the right division, whether it is your local law enforcement or the FBI. If you're being pirated, I highly recommend you report the sites where you've found your books for illegal download:

The Internet Crime Complaint Center -

Using the links won't make the ebook fairy take care of the problem, and an author probably won't get their books down or un-pirated (Yay! I created a new word!), but like my mama used to say before she got big into churchin': Even if you can't win, you can certainly make your enemies miserable. Thanks for the advice, mom!

I was surprised when I initially looked for a place to report piracy - you really have to dig around the net to find the forms to send your case to the proper authorities. No longer! Please take the link above and pass it around to your writer friends. This is one we all authors definitely need to have bookmarked.

I better close for now. Pitbull is making wookie noises at me. I think he wants out to visit the bushes. Happy Wednesday, everyone. Be happy!

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