Monday, May 25, 2009

Mix Tapes and Deadlines

My baby is four years old today. We had his birthday party yesterday at my mom's, so last night I asked him what songs he would like on a disk. To my surprise, he rattled off an impressive mix-matched list.

After he went to bed, I made my lil bear a birthday mix tape. The CD has all his favorite songs - like Carameldansen, Pretty Rave Girl, Drive, the Knight Rider theme song, and Don't You Want Me, Baby. It's an eclectic mix. The disk has been going all morning in his room. I think he likes it. ~_^

On to writerly things....

I've been hitting the Write or Die app the past few days. There's a link on my sidebar, if you're needing a writing kick in the pants. Anyway, I've been doing timed, 500 word writing sessions to try and finish up a short story for a deadline. I reached the required word count last night and wrapped up the story. As is - it's a bit of a mess, but the point is it's all there. I printed up two copies, now to decode this thing and put it in some kind of order. I really should be working on it now - like, right this minute - but my motivation has slipped into that precarious placed called "too tired to really give a shit". At the same time that deadline is waving a red flag in my face.

Today when I haul Mini out to the playground, I'm going to take the wip with me and re-pen under the shade tree. The last time I did that, the change of scenery really helped.

At any rate, that's all I've got. Lazy summer and all that. ;0) Hope you all have a great Memorial Day.


  1. Memorial Day was spent on the road, driving 8hours home from a little piece of Wisconsin heaven. *sigh* Hubby, kids, best friend and I spent the weekend at a cottage situated yards from a little water fall. Gorgeous!

    I finished the first chapter in the sequel to my werewolf WIP while we were there.

    I'm glad you finished the rough draft phase with the short. Go you!

  2. Oh wow! Sounds like a wonderful time! :) Hubby had to work or we likely would've taken the bratlings out to the lake. Instead Oldest took off to him Grams, and I took Mini out to the swing set.

    Woot! Go werewolves! I've started reading your story! I'll fly an email your way soon as I finish reading. :D


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