Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Domestic Apocalypse Tuesday

After three straight days of rain, I may be ready for the men in white coats to come and take me away. Not because of the rain so much, but because my own children are driving me slapnuts crazy.

Poor Mini, he's an outdoorsy kid, and when he can't go out to run off all that energy, he alternately runs through the house like a race car and chases the dogs. Very good for my sanity, as you can imagine. Especially when I'm supposed to keep the house quiet so hubster can sleep days. OMFG, I tell ya, I'm ready for a shot of tequila and a week in isolation.

Thankfully, I managed to get the summer menage wip out of the way. It's cleaned, critted, formatted, and sent - all that last night. Which meant I went to bed at a fairly decent hour for a change. Even so, I feel so tired and sluggish. I have a fresh set of edits in my inbox waiting for me to pick them up, but I'm too drained to even look at them.

Yesterday, there was an incident of domestic apocalype. Hubby woke up at three in the afternoon, and went through the pot of coffee that had been sitting there most of the day. He then asked me to make another pot after that one was gone. Of course, neither of us have any patience, and as you can probably guess hot carafe + cold water = broken glass.

Ah, yes. See, I knew the potential of breaking the coffee pot by running cold water in it, but I decided to tempt physics/fate and try it. Why? Because there is that little idiot voice in the back of my mind saying: It'll take ages for the carafe to cool. Add water now. If it's not too cold maybe it won't crack. It is tap water after all. How cold can it be?

Cold enough to crack the carafe, I'll give you that.

Lesson learned? Mm, probably not. But I do have to buy a new coffee pot today. Until then, it's Folgers instant, and gods help me I'm not about to drink effing decaf.

So there it is, today's tale of fabulousness and glamour. Thankfully the sun has decided to come out for a bit. Once I'm back from a necessary trip to the grocery store, I'm going to unleash the Minibeast on the sandbox and have him play off all the extra energy. Oy, if only I could syphon some off for myself between now and then.

Happy Tuesday, everyone.


  1. My son has energy like crazy. And of course I don't. I tell everyone that he is an energy vampire and is sucking it all out of me! Anyways...I feel for ya!

  2. LOL - little energy vampires! Too cute! ^_^

    Thankfully the sun is out again so I can take Mini out to romp some of the excess off. He's much more manageable after some outside playtime.


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