Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Date With Dr. Wicked

Ok, so I don't have a date date with Dr. Wicked, but I'm still making it a day of writing over at the wicked lab. I love this site, and recommend it to anyone suffering from "writer's block". Write or Die will getcha moving!

I'm still cleaning up the menage piece - I'm taking it a page at a time and making a mess of the margins. Pretty soon, I'm sure it will look like this. So far so good.

The story is hot, I love the characters, but I'm still not convinced I'm in love with the beginning. There's just something about it that's not working for me. It feels stilted.

That being the case, it will probably through one more evolution before I submit it anywhere, even after clean up. I need to kinda go back and analyze what is the inital promise of the story, because right off hand I can't think of it. Well, other than the characters get together, talk a bit, and have wild monkey sex. There was a plot in there somewhere when I started writing it. I just need to find it again. :P

Today I'm taking a break from the menage and adding some mileage to the full length wip that's gathering dust. I've been putting it off, and I know it's book anxiety. Worry that I'll write it and hate it. Or worse, that everyone else will hate it. The lollipop dream is a result. I've been having crazy dreams that Cass seems to think falls back on writer's anxiety, and I'm pretty sure she's right.

At any rate, I got a new cover today. This one's for my upcoming erotica story Wave Rider.

Sunny Richard's vacation at an exclusive Bonaire resort takes an adventurous turn when she meets two sexy surfers staying in one of the waterfront chalets next door.

Together, the men teach her to ride wave after wave of pleasure. It’s a sexy summer vacation she will never forget....

-(contemporary erotica, coming soon to Cobblestone Press)

That's about it for me. I have clothes to fold and others to put in the dryer. Tres glam, no? ~_^ Happy Wednesday, everyone!


  1. Dr. Wicked is awesome stuff. Thanks for the intro. Looks like he's taking us both on today. Ooh la la. :wink:

  2. Great cover, Cora! I'll have to check out the Dr. Wicked site. I've been dragging my feet a lot lately :)

  3. LOL, Cass! Dr. Wicked is certainly...wicked! ^_^

    Happy writing, girl!

  4. Thanks, Chandra! And definitely try the site. It's simple and really puts the whip on ya to get you writing! ;)

  5. Nice cover, dear!

    I hate it when a story gets away from you. I've started taking my original 'and then' brainstorming and turning it into a loose outline to follow. Normally, that works well. (except for the pesky werewolf who refused to die...*sigh*)

  6. AE, I'll have to try the "and then" thing and see how it works for me. I gotta say though - it reminds me of that movie Dude, Where's My Car. ^_^ *giggle*


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