Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Clean Plate - Mostly

I'm starting fresh today! All my pressing projects are edited to the final round, and/or spinning their wheels in submission land.

I have one large project left to finish - turning that erotic contemporary short into a full length, but no way I'd start on that at the end of the week. That's "Monday" business. Besides, there isn't a pressing deadline on that one to make me pull my hair out.

That being the case, I'm going to give my overworked brain a much needed vacation - aka, playtime to just brainstorm and tinker with ideas that may or may not ever come to anything other than a few scribblings on paper. I started that vacation this morning by tinkering with an idea for a new menage.

Speaking of real vacations, today's Oldest last day at school before summer vacaction. Yay. Let the teen angst and cries of boredom begin. I better check the pantry and do a Cheetos and tea stock check. I don't think I'm perpared to take on the locust swarm that arrives this time every year.

Moving along... It's new release time! Tomorrow, May 15th, is the official release of Moonlight and Shadows! I'll be partying over at the Midnight Moon Cafe tomorrow, and one lucky person who posts in the comments will win a pretty Cora Zane t-shirt plus some snazzy flair things. I hope you'll drop by to say hello!

Also, they folks over at Ravenous Romance are saying Rekindled Fire has a new release date -May 18th. So prepare for back-to-back werewolf sexy. I'll post more about this book once I've got the cover in my hot little hands.

Until then, to kick off my weekend "brain vacation", I've decided to post one of my favorite cartoons ever! Check out this episode of Two Stupid Dogs. *giggle* Happy Thursday, everyone!


  1. Congrats on finishing your projects! You've worked so hard you certainly deserve a brain vacation. :) And huge congrats on tomorrow's release! Will certainly try and stop by MMC to cheer you on!

    I've had some trouble writing, not for lack of ideas, wips, etc. Peanut is high maintenance and likes to be entertained. *sigh* I feel so behind!

  2. Thanks bunches, Isabelle!

    Aw, little Peanut. Sounds a lot like Minibeast at that age. :*) Hang in there - it does get easier!

  3. Congrats, Cora! Very cool.
    And I love 2 Stupid Dogs...


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