Thursday, May 28, 2009

Butterflies Go Right Through Me

My date with Dr. Wicked ran super late - into the wee hours of the morning actually. I turned out 1k on a menage shorty, and 3.5k on my urban fantasy, and ended up going to bed around 2 in the morning. The work is rough, but it's there, and I plan to do it again tonight. No pain, no gain.

In the meantime, I've got to make a run to the post office. I've been putting it off because of the rain, but it's bright and clear, and I have a ton of packages. A lot of mail going out for the Midnight Moon Cafe and the CZ site, so if you're expecting a prize pack - it's on the way today!

Hubster is off work today, so we're doing the family thing. Gonna do a bit of shopping, take the Minibeast out to the swingset, and maybe grill something. Then, after I'm good and sunburnt with fancy criss cross patterns from sitting too close to the swingset (again) I'll probably make a dash for the writing cave. I can't let the opportunity for a child-free writing session slip away.

That's it for me today! I hope you all have a calm and productive day. And if it so happens things don't work on that way, take heart - tomorrow is F-R-I-D-A-Y! *glowsticks*

Pretty Rave Girl - I AM XRay


  1. Yay for Friday! I might have to try Dr. Wicked this weekend and see what I can churn out on one WIP or another. I need someone to chap my cheeks and get me motivated. :o)

    And, speaking of sunburns, I have a lovely little heat rash on my chest from being in the falls. *groan*

  2. Get t'writing, girl! *whip, whip*

    Did that help? ^_^ Seriously, try Dr. Wicked - tres handy.

    And put some aloe on that sunburn if ya have it. I need to do that, too - only on my shoulders, rather than chest. They're pink and crispy. :P

  3. Ack! You're so busy Cora! I haven't been able to even keep up with blogs this week.

  4. Hi Robin! I was just over at your blog giggling at the tree pr0n. ^_^


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