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Writing Adventure Group #7

Writing Adventure Group: Results #6 / Instructions #7

WAG #6 Results and WAG #7 instructions below. All are welcome to join next week’s adventure!

The theme for the Writing Adventure Group #6 was “Overheard”.

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Next week’s Writing Adventure:

“WAG #7: Imaginings” This one is people-watching with a twist. Observe a stranger and sketch a brief background for them, including a secret. Then describe why they are in that particular place at that particular time (where you ran into them) and how it will affect their future. Feel free to be creative, but don’t forget to describe the concrete reality that made you pick them in the first place! (Thank you to Christine Kirchoff for this week’s WAG topic!)

Post the results on your blog, and read this post about the group for information on how to notify me (Nixy) so your post will be properly included in next week’s list. (Note, please include WAG #7 in the subject heading and tell me how you want your name to appear please!) Deadline: next Tuesday, April 14th.

Ok, here goes, Writing Adventure #7:

A man with dust blond hair probably in his late forties. Good looking in an unassuming way. Faint beard stubble, striking blue eyes. He sits alone at a table outside the Starbucks, smoking a cigarette, a grande sized cup with a paper holder in front of him. Wearing a gray sport coat over a T-shirt. Seems deep in though. He has a newspaper opened to a page several sections inside. A breeze flutters the corners but the paper is held down with an elbow. Chin rested on two fingers. Eyes narrowed, he watches the traffic coming in off the interstate.

I wonder what he's read to give him that intense look? The economy? Politics? Maybe an obituatary or - no. A missing person's case. Maybe he knows something, a secret about the person involved. Maybe he's a detective, sifting evidence in his thoughts. His cigarette has burned down, the ashes a long, gray-white cylinder. He hasn't thumped them away in quite a while. I watch the column, waiting for it to fall, a bent, irregular formation seemingly impervious to the wind until at last, it crumbles.

The man catches the movement, and glances at his hand - when he does so I notice how short his nails are. Ragged cuticles. A nail biter. Nervous looking hands: slender fingers, heavy-boned along the joints. He swipes the ashes off his newspaper and taps the cigarette against the tin ashtray before crushing it out. Then he rises. Rumpled, dark-wash jeans and black leather shoes. Slips on a pair of tortoise shell sunglasses from his coat pocket, and picks up his coffee. Tucks the paper under his arm.

I watch him cross the parking lot to a black SUV with dark window tinting. He unlocks the driver's side door, and tosses the paper on the opposite seat before climbing in. A minute later he backs out of the parking space and waits for a break in traffic. It comes, and he darts out, flowing into the right lane, sweeping around the curve to the interstate onramp.


  1. Morning Cora :)
    If there's another wonderful side effect of the BH Tour it's finding all these wonderful blogs, yours included! Really interested in the WAG, and I'll be diving in next week(I think)-not to mention I'd have to go somewhere to see a stranger ;).

    I'm behind on too many projects this week to toss in another! Looking forward to giving it a go though :)


  2. Glad to see you, JM! I found a lot of fun blogs through the tour that I didn't know about before, too. A great side effect, indeed. :0)

    I don't visit the actual WAG group very much, but I do the exercises every week and check up on the things people posted - sometimes it can take me a few days to get around to it though.

    I'm really happy with the project overall. I needed a little something to help me think on my toes, and WAG seems to work pretty well. I've noticed I can do the "pick up and write" much easier than I could a few weeks ago. I can definitely put down more words with less hesitation. *thumbs up*

    I hope you'll get a chance to join us next week! :)

    My veri word is : proffrog
    Professor Frog? ^_^

  3. veri word is "crank" ROFL Let's get cranking!

    I've been working on short pieces - AT's 250 word challenges, and a flash serial - those two have been doing wonders for helping me get a flow going ;>

    Definitely looking forward to doing the challenges, and if I get lucky enough to go somewhere I don't know everyone in the next few days maybe I'll give this week's a shot. :)

  4. Anonymous1:54 PM

    I really liked this piece, Cora! Of the ones I've read so far, everyone's are so much more interesting than mine. LOL.

    Very nice details, especially at the end of the first paragraph (the one about his chin resting on two fingers). Love it!

  5. I liked the question "I wonder what he's read to give him that intense look?" it helps focus your descriptions.

  6. Wow, lots of interesting little details, you have a keen eye. I liked the way you described the sigarette, it told a lot about the whole situation, about how he was completely engrossed in what he was reading. Nice touch!

  7. You really had me trying to guess what was up with that guy. I'm thinking off duty cop right now, but I'm not sure.

  8. Marvelous take on this project, Cora! This is my first contribution, but as you said to JM Stone, it's a good way to just write. We all started writing because we have something in our heads and hearts that we want to share and this is a good way to do it without any pressure.

  9. Thanks, Nixy! :*) This was one of the more challenging WAGs. This one and the one about trying to imagine a stranger as a friend. Very good writing exercises!

  10. Thank you, Iain. :)

  11. Mickey, that's what I was thinking too. I wish there would've been a way to ask him what he did for a living without it being completely awkward. ^_^

  12. I agree, Sue. It's a great skill honing exercise, and as a plus, it's pressure free!

  13. Well, I got mine written, a day late and a dollar short ;) I'll post it Saturday morning :)


    Thanks for introduction me to the WAG Cora!

  14. Excellent descriptive piece. It's fun to see what others speculate on what the man does for a living. My own imagination ran in the hit man/spy range. I think the dark tinted windows on the SUV tipped me that way. Sure, only hit men and spies drive tinted SUVs, right? ;)

    JM, I was a day late and a dollar short on my first post. No penalty shot to worry about. Nixy is pretty easy going. :)

  15. Excellent details. I liked the flow of this piece.


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