Friday, April 03, 2009

Wiggle Just A Little

Grapes - Kassiopi

Friday! Makes me want to break out the pompoms. No kidding. This week has dragged on far too long, although I can't really determine why. Maybe it's something to do with all the rain? Whatever the case, I'm ready for the weekend and have plans to prowl the bookstore. Hopefully they'll have revamped the erotica section. The last two times I made the trip, the same books were on the shelf. I'm usually not alone on that aisle when I go in to browse, so surely other folks are buying? It makes me wonder if the store is simply ordering the same titles over and over or what.

On top of working on the full length wip I mentioned a few days ago, I've written two new short stories this week, both of them contemporary erotica. One is a menage, the other a delicious spanking story. My personal goal for the weekend is to red pen the spanking story and have it ready for submission. I'm going to be lenient with myself and save the menage revisions for next week because I'm thinking they're going to be more extensive.

Today is day four of the Blow Hard Tour! The tour bus is parked over at Erobintica's blog today, and she has a fantastic, informative post up about blow jobs. DSL 4EVR! OMG, I want that on a license plate sooo bad. LMAO! ^_^ I just discovered Robin's blog recently, and it has fast become one of my favorites, so don't miss out!

Tomorrow the Blow Hard tour bus will be pulling in right here at my own Intimate Thoughts blog. I hope you'll drop by to check out my own blow hard confessional, and check out the excerpt of my upcoming ebook Moonlight and Shadows.

That said, I really need to get off my duff and get to the bank! I don't think the family would be too happy with me if we end up stuck eating Cheerios this weekend because I didn't cash le cheques. What do you think?

Oh! Before I go...below are the results of last week's Writing Adventure Group assignment. Good stuff! Happy Friday, everyone. :0)

Writing Adventure #6: Overheard
Another people-watching exercise this week! This time, let’s listen! Choose a stranger and do your best to overhear what they say, and then write it down. It can be on the phone, to someone else, or even them talking to themselves. What does their voice, word choice, or tone tell you about them? Feel free to write their exact words OR write it as you would for fictional dialogue. By now you guys know the rules aren’t what’s important, but the experience!

Post the results on your blog, and read this post about the group for information on how to notify me (Nixy) so your post will be properly included in next week’s list. (Note, include WAG #6 in the subject heading and tell me how you want your name to appear please!) Deadline: next Tuesday, April 7th.

Ok, so here goes, my writing exercise for the week....

Too many TVs going at once. Who really needs that many? Sunny Patch bugs talking in the living room about "bugpipes", and Mini clicking through scenes on the FisherPrice DVD player in his room. Can you wiggle in puddle just a little? (Wonder Pets)Pitbull snores away on his doggie bed. And through it all, Oldest gabs on the phone about an RPG platform he and a friend are working on, probably thinking he's unheard through the bedroom door. "It's gonna be like a mix of Naruto and [?]. So much better than Kingdom Hearts..."

There you have it. My eavesdropping session. ^_^

WAG #5 Results and WAG #6 instructions below. All are welcome to join next week’s adventure! The theme for the Writing Adventure Group #5 was “Life in Motion”.
Don’t forget to check out the Writing Adventure Group is on Facebook. Join us there and get weekly reminders so you never miss an adventure.

How to Join the Writing Adventure Group
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  1. I'll be here! That eavesdropping exercise sounds fun.

    Hey, I bet you could get away with getting that license plate - hehe.

    Oh, and thanks. :-)

  2. Yay! Glad you'll be dropping in. :*)

  3. Anonymous2:45 AM

    I've been laughing as I read this week's WAG exercise. It's so funny the things people say to each other every day.

  4. Nixy, since this exercise, I've been trying "random listening sessions" to get my writing groove going.

    Oh my, the hilarious - embarrassing - entertaining things I hear coming out of my kids' mouths. *forehead smack*

  5. Being a mystery writer, I heard those swatches of speech as some prelude to a sudden, unexpected shocking event. First the normalcy of home life, then suddenly, all hell breaks loose!

  6. First the normalcy of home life, then suddenly, all hell breaks loose!

    Mickey, at my house, that is an entirely possible end-scenario. Drama happens often.


  7. It's probably all code to conceal their evil plot to take over the world. Braaah haaa haaa! If you treat him nice (maybe some chocolate chip cookies) you might get him to cut you in on a piece of the action - say, Costa Rica? They have nice beaches. ;)

  8. Great post. Brought back memories of a house full of kids, not all mine thankfully. I usually tried to drone it out. I should have listened more.

    Thanks for the memory!

  9. Cool- love the sounds of home. Thanks for sharing!


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