Thursday, April 30, 2009

Vampire Lust

This morning I resubmitted Wicked Desires - the 2nd book in my Immortal Lovers series. I read through it before sending, tidied it a bit, tweaked a few sentences here and there. It's a bit like tugging your hubby's tie before sending him off to work.

Out of all the fan mail I get, (and before someone envisions tons of letters coming to my inbox, honestly there isn't much of it), Wicked Temptation is the book I get the most questions about. Usually the emails ask something along the lines of: Is there another book? - and/or - When will the 2nd book be available?

For those who might be interested, the answer is yes: there is another story in that universe, a short erotica piece, and it's my hope that it'll find a home soon. We'll see.

On another note, I'm still working on the summer menage story. Oy vey, but this thing is kicking my ass. Three chapters left to clean up, and it feels like I'm facing Everest.

My crit partner liked the first chapter, so there's a bit of incentive. Now to just get the next one ready to send. One step at a time, ya know? Since it's so close to the end of the week, I'm planning to take full advantage of the weekend. I've already warned the family that I have major work to do.

So that's my writing news for today. As for the rest, it's quiet here, the summer story is staring me down, and I need to mop floors. Tres glam, no? I'm shamefully tempted to mop the floors to escape writing. Is that normal?

Ah well, better get started. This thing isn't going to write itself. Wish me luck!
Happy Thursday, everyone.


  1. I swept floors to escape writing today *_* Mopping's not much different. And when it comes to writing under the gun, we're both in someone's sights. I have to get the western's sequel done, asap, and another editor at another pub wants my magician erotic wip, too. My family is going to get the "mommy's writing" warning tomorrow. Again.


  2. Gah, you're right. I'm in the same boat too. Two stories I need to finish kinda fast.

    LOL @ "mommy's writing". I can picture it! ^_^

  3. Good Luck on the work, Cora! I have plenty of diversions for avoiding writing ;) I'm good at procrastinating! Blog surfing is one of them ;)

  4. Thanks, Jen!

    LOL @ procrastination! Blog surfing is one of my faves too! ^_^

    Happy Friday!


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