Friday, April 10, 2009

Teenage Prom Drama

Rays of Gold

I'm beginning to think the purpose of teenagers is to ensure the parents do not live above a certain age. I think mine may be trying to kill me off before I reach 35. Yesterday was going merrily along, and then the phone rings. It is amazing how 98.9% of the bullshit that hits the fan at my house begins with the phone ringing. Yes, I am finally putting 2 and 2 together on this one. Of course, it's Oldest calling me from school. "Hi, mom, I don't want you to be upset but...I just got my prom invite."

"Okay..." I feel a twinge of unease. "So when is it?"

"Uh, tomorrow night."

[Cue parental hissy fit.]

The rest of my day quickly fell into a steaming heap. I ended up playing phone tag with hubby and he with Oldest's best friend to find out what the heck was going on. Why did Oldest find out last minute? Oldest's BFF had picked his tux up yesterday, and said he'd received his own invite almost 2 weeks ago.

Ah-ha! Oldest was absent that day. I took him to get vaccinated. Effing school people apparently tossed Oldest's invite on the high shelf and never got around to giving it to him.

BFF was very distressed that Oldest would likely not be able to go to prom. So three of us - hubster, me, and BFF, are calling around every Tux place known to man to find someone who does last minute orders. BFF for the win! He found a place in Ruston, but they could only take the orders up to 4pm. So...I drove Mini to my mom's and dropped him off, then ran to the school and picked up Oldest. It happened to be club day at school, so no one was in the class where they were supposed to be. He was off in some class playing chess. Good grief. Anyway, I briefed Oldest on what we were doing as we left out of the school.

Next, a stop at the gas station (since I didn't want to end up walking to Ruston.) While I did a fill up, I handed Oldest my checkbook and told him to balance it. After a rushed trip to the bank for suit deposit money, we're off to hunt down this tux rental place.

Oldest is a fish out of water around formal wear, and I'm not much better. The only thing I like about a tux is when I'm watching James Bond peel himself out of one. I figured the shop owners would offer some guidance on choosing a Tux, but apparently not. They were very stiff, not helpful at all, but at the last minute you have to do what you have to do.

I looked around and told Oldest to go simple, but to pick what he liked vest wise. I'm really proud of him. It's a classic black Tux with a satin vest in charcoal gray shades - kind of a tweed like pattern. That's his first choice. If they can't get that one, he chose for the second, a similar classic black, but with a dark blue satin vest. If the dark blue is what he ends up with, he will be wearing a bowtie. Either way, I'll definitely be taking tons of pictures.

They're off to get the tux now, so I better run around and clean up the house. When Oldest gets back, I've got to bleach, tone, and do a deep conditiong on Oldest's hair. Oy vey. So much to do, so little time. On the up and up, hubby and I are going to get a date night out of all this. Hopefully I won't be completely fried out by the end of the day!

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