Thursday, April 23, 2009

Statue in the Stone

I'm sunburnt. Indeed.

For the past two days it's been sunny and bright, and in the mid-80s temp wise. Just gorgeous. I can't honestly keep Minibeast inside when it's that pretty out. So, I worked til about noon yesterday, then took him out to the sandbox for a little while.

Mini's science lesson #1: flip flops keep the stickers away.

I bought these Disney Cars printed flip flops with Lightning McQueen on them for him to wear out to the sandbox. Not because of the blistering hot concrete patio, or even the sandbox sand really. It's because we have stickers growing in the front yard. I know this because my mail lady likes to park right at the very edge of the driveway and honk the horn when I have a package. She could easily slip in through the circle driveway and come right in front of the patio, since she's right there at the edge of the drive anyway. But no. That would be too much like right. And of course I can never find my shoes when this happens, so I have to walk through that effing sticker patch to get the mail before she honks us all to death.

Still, Mini and his flip'd think with as many times as he's yowled about getting a sticker in his toe, he'd wear those flip flops even if they do feel a little odd. They're his first pair ever and he hasn't quite gotten the hang of the plastic thong between the toes. Know what I'm saying? He puts them on and takes these weird shuffling steps in them. I imagine that's probably what a penguin would look like if you wrapped it's feet in plastic bags.

Anyway, I told Mini to slid on his flip flops and he did. I figured he could cross the yard in 'em, and wear 'em in the sandbox. That way he deosn't ruin his tennis shoes. Nothing quite like having him track sand in the house afterward. I can sweep and sweep, but that effing sand is still going to be there. Hidden. Somewhere. And I'm gonna be the poor soul (sole? *_* sorry, pre-coffee!) to step in it.

Well, he gets out to the little sandbox island in the yard. Basically it's where the former owners of our house attempted to make a car park midway through the circle drive by dumping sack-crete into a big glob.

He's really excited he's made it out there without hitting a sticker patch, and I'm standing there at the edge of the patio blistering my own feet, and telling him to get in the sandbox already. What does he do? Kicks off his flip flops into the "turtle shell", and promply learns why we wear shoes in the sand.

Mini's science lesson #2: sand gets HOT in the sun.

Ah, the yowling of young discovery. And, of course, I have to walk barefoot through the sticker patch to save the toddler from himself. *sigh* No one warned me it would be like this. Seriously.

Anyway, on to writerly things....I'm still working on the summer menage story, and that's gonna be my big project for the weekend. I keep having to go back and layer things in, then clean it up. I mean, I see the statue in the stone, I'm just having a hard time getting it out of there.

No more problems with the setting/events, thankfully, although I lost a significant amount of words after doing initial cuts to fix what didn't work. I'm currently lacking 1k to meet required length, but I'm positive that will all even out the further I delve into the manuscript and start layering in more details to the naughty scenes.

The first chapter has been the biggest challenge. I've rewritten the beginning three times, trying to get it the way I want it. The set up just wouldn't flow. Well, I finally arranged all the pieces of the puzzle yesterday afternoon. Chapter one is finally where it should be, I think. It sets up the initial story promise, introduces the most important characters, and builds tension where it should be...all that blah. Since it's mostly ready, just in need of fine polishing, I've printed it up and put it to the side. Time to move on to the next chapter - which will hopefully be easier to deal with.

So there you have it. The master plan. Now to break out the calculator and check book. I have to get the bills together before I make a run to the bank.

Happy Friday!

Jams for the road:

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  1. !!! My kids had the same sandbox! Cute cute cute.

  2. Aw, thanks, Robin. :*) Gotta love the classic turtle sandbox. (I didn't have one when I was a kid, but I wanted one!)


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