Monday, April 13, 2009

Spring Break

Messengers of Spring

Happy Monday, everyone! How about that? It's the first day of Spring Break. I'll be celebrating by catching up on laundry and making a run up town to pay bills with Minibeast. Oldest stayed up til 4AM, so I doubt I'll be seeing much of him before noon. If nothing else, having both kids home should make for an interesting writing week. Together, they are a recipe for domestic drama, and I've got just shy of three weeks to get this summer story finished and submitted.

I've been following the whole #amazonfail disaster on Twitter, and various other places around the interwebz. Wicked Temptation, Bonding Experience, and Crossing Borders have all been stripped of their sales ranking at Now when you go to Amazon and look up Cora Zane, none of my books appear in the search results. The only way to find my books is to go directly to the Kindle section, and then they will show themselves. This was NOT like that three weeks ago.

I'm very disappointed in Amazon. This goes so beyond fail I don't even know how to express it. First, there was the POD scandal - let's only sell POD books who use Amazon's service. Then they make it so that authors can't put up the covers to their books when the distributor fails to do so. Bonding Experience is still sitting at Amazon without a cover, never mind I'm the author and have uploaded an image myself. I've contacted their less than helpful tech support center numerous times and they told me they couldn't do anything about the cover issue. However, they can apparently strip my sales ranking and remove my place in the site search engine without any trouble whatsoever.

Hm. Let's see if they understand this one: I have been an Amazon loyalist from the start. I've been buying at least two erotic books a week from them for several years now - and there's no telling the number of DVDs, song downloads, and CDs I've picked up from there as well. After being fed this latest bullshit about a glitch, I will be taking my business to Barnes and Noble, effective today. Amazon has shown they care nothing for their customers, or the sellers who put their books on their site. Enough is enough already.

Today is the final encore day of the Blow Hard Tour 2009, and the drawing day for the grand prize basket filled with all kinds of tasty goodies: books, candy, sex toys and more! Congratulations to the big winner!

The lovely Kristina Lloyd is hosting the final day of the tour, and she's put together a delicious post you won't want to miss. Bring a tissue, because you can bet your boots she's going to steam up your reading glasses! :0)


  1. Double damn! Same with my books, except Black Magic Woman, which is completely gone, gone, gone. Grrr.

    I so didn't need this. And they said it's a glitch. I'll bet. Barnes and Noble will be getting my business from now on.

  2. Yes, my dear, Barnes and Noble will be getting my business from this day forward as well. I just bought a copy of Split, by Kristina Lloyd over at to celebrate the exodus.


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