Monday, April 20, 2009

Shoe Lust Remix

Monday. Again. Ah, well, it's not like it can be avoided. Still, the weekend slipped away too darn fast. It didn't help that the hubster wasn't home. He's been working 7/10s. Supposedly he'll get next weekend off, but I'll believe it when I see it. It depends on if the crew can get a specific machine installed and working. I've got my fingers crossed, but I'm not going to make any weekend plans until I know for sure this thing is in the bag.

In the meantime...

Shoe lust. I haz it.

I wanted to try and find a pair of all purpose shopping and goes-good-with-jeans kitten heels, or maybe a pair of wedge sandals, but I found these instead. And they are calling to me.

I'm not sure where the hell I'd wear the gold ones, but they are sparkly gorgeous. Sparkly = goooooood. The black strappy ones may very well be on their way here by Friday. I could wear those with just about anything...if I can keep up with the darn things. (By the way, both pairs are from Frederick's of Hollywood.)

To date, my black flip flops are missing. I've checked every room. I've looked under the bed, in the closets, and in the rack where I keep my jeans. I have no idea where those shoes are, but they've barely been worn. And I need 'em too. Darn shoe gnomes!

This week I've got to get the summer menage story revised and ready to go. The deadline's looming. Can't put it off any longer. I imagine I'll be pretty busy with this, so if I'm not around as much, it's because I'm nestled in the writing cave. ~_^

Time for a dance break, I think. Something to get my writing groove going.

♥♥Confusion - Pump Panel Remix (New Order)♥♥

(Warning! This song is over 10 minutes long. :P)


  1. Why in the world would you need flip-flops when you can have those black strappy heels? ;)
    Wow. Those are sexy as hell.

  2. Oh wow, I could find all kinds of excuses to buy shoes. ^_^ The flip flops would be for the beach. The strappy heels for everywhere else. *evil handwringing*

  3. The gold ones are awesome! I'm a bunny slipper type of person myself, but for those...I would park my bunnies under the bed.

  4. Jenn, aren't they gorgeous? I was thinking they'd go great with a summer dress. If I were a dress kinda gal... Hm. Maybe if I had those shoes.... ^_^

  5. Wow...those are nice!

    I wish I didn't have ugly feet ;)

    I have some kickass boots that I keep trying to think of something to wear them with(no dresses for this chick)...but maybe I'll just wear them with my jeans!

    ~Jen in postscript...;) security word - equip - as in you must equip yourself with fabulous shoes!

  6. JM, you can never go wrong with boots! :)


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