Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Seize the Cupcake

Oh, the temptation. This has been a "chocolate required" kind of day.

Aside from the fact I'm not where I want to be right now with my current wip, I found out first thing this morning that 3 of my books are being pirated. [Major thank you to Leah for letting me know.]

To the person(s) who put my ebooks up for illegal download yesterday -

I hope the laws of karma bite you in the ass faster than you can blink. Really, I do. Especially when I saw the sheer volume of pirated ebooks you've listed on your site, not just mine. And not just ebooks. That's what gets me. Print books not even available in e format. That tells me you're not only a thief, you're a malicious thief with entirely too much time on your hands.

I hope you and your computer both contract something scrubbing with Ajax won't wash off.

Love, Cora

That said, I'm going to ask folks to please never ever download ebooks from bit torrents and other piracy sites. I know there are many honest readers who don't do that and wouldn't even think of it, and I appreciate you very much. I just can't stress enough how much this kind of thing hurts authors - both financially and creatively.

Typically, ebook authors do not make very much money, and it is tremendously disheartening to discover that more copies of your books have been stolen than have been sold. Honestly, it makes me want to quit that series entirely and never pick it up again.

So please, if you have a favorite series or author, support the author and the series - buy the book(s). Yes, some ebooks are more expensive than others, but that's not a reason to resort to mass uploading/downloading someone's creative work illegally. There are so many different places to get them online, places like Ravenous Romance, Samhain, Ellora's Cave, Fictionwise, Amazon, and many others have periodic sales and/or list the books with big discounts. [steps off soapbox]

Yeah, as you can tell, today has sucked a big one. I'll be over it soon enough, though. I have too many obligations to get stuck in pity party mode. I'm still a bit bummed out over it, but I've done my due. I've notified everyone I can. I just hope enough publishers/authors will be enough influence to close this particular forum.

On the flip-side, I had a good visit with my mom when I picked Mini up from his mini-vacation. Mom showed me how far along she's come on the "save Mini's baby shirt" project.

I cleaned out his closet recently, and discovered one of his favorite shirts - a Garanimals t-shirt, really inexpensive, with a dune buggy and surf board on it - is now too small for him. When I put it in the charity box, well, Mini kinda freaked out. So, I decided to save it, and took it to my mom, who can actually sew without screwing things up. :P

The design is embroidered on the front, so I cut it out, and mom is hand-stitching it to this piece of fabric and embroidering the edges for framing. Very cute. I'm going to hang on Mini's bedroom wall when it's finished. That way he will always have his "tiki beach" shirt.

So that's been my day. Ups and downs. I'm crossing my fingers tomorrow will be better.


  1. Sorry to hear about the pirated e-books! That's terrible. I agree with your soapbox rant and always try and support authors who I discover and love. I hope your day has gotten better. *hugs*

  2. Sorry to hear you're not having a good day, Cora! :( I agree with you about the eBook pirate/s. It's horrible to see people stealing books that way. We work hard to write, edit and promo our books... I just hope they remove them soon.

    I hope tomorrow is a better day for you!

  3. Well, I do hope karma gets em good.

    and that cupcake looks way too yummy

  4. Anonymous10:43 PM


    What a great mom you are!

    Balance. It's all about balance. Taking care of you, and taking care of the little ones you brought into the world. You go, girl.


  5. *Hugs* I didn't mean to wreck your day. Pirates suck.

  6. Leah, YOU did not wreck my day. Not knowing you're being pirated is far, far worse than knowing.

    Now I can do something about it before my sales completely tank and if you hadn't found that one... *shakes head*

    I hate to say it, but I go through this with pirates about every six months or so. I wish that weren't true but there it is.

    Mainly it crushed me because did you see the date that jerk posted those? Just one day. And in that short span of time, you have a shocking number of vultures sweeping in - know what I mean?

    HUGS, and thank you for alerting me!!

  7. Thanks, cerulean. :*)

  8. Thanks, Robin. And that cupcake...oh, I wish I had one. I look at that pic and have cupcake envy. *_*

  9. Thanks, Yolanda. Every day can't be a good one, I guess. I just wish this wouldn't happen so close to release day. Know what I mean? Makes me want to just go in and pull all books. You're right tho, tomorrow's another day. Hopefully it will be better. *hugs*

  10. I'm sorry, Cora. #_# This scene has played out at every publisher I have a book with. Damned pirates! I hate them, not just for the whole thieving thing, but for disheartening many talented writers.

    Oh, by the way, another way to save those precious little one's clothes... Grandma could make him a quilt. I've been stock piling some of Kat's old shirts for the same reason.


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