Monday, April 06, 2009

Rub For Luck

Death Valley Dunes Sunrise 1/09

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I had a stroke of inspiration yesterday, and ended up writing a rough outline for a full length novel on spot. Of course, to get most of the main plot point ideas out of my head, I had to give the characters their fifteen minutes of fame. I wrote I don't know how many pages of notes. I hope after it's all said and done and I go back to sift through what I've got, I'll be able to read them! Arg. Penmanship fail. ~_~'

So I've been waiting to hear back about one particular spanking story that I submitted the first week in December 2008. I don't know what the problem is, but this story has it's own effing black hole, I swear. I submit it and never hear back about it - TWICE, I've been through this. It arrives, I get confirmation of it's arrival, then nothing. No rejection. Nada.

I've decided I absolutely cannot spare another moment worrying about this story. It's not even full length. I just want it off my submission diary. If I can get to it today, great, I will. But if not, I'll do it sometime this week. I'm sending this puppy off to a completely new publisher, one I've absolutely never dealt with before. I've heard good things about the company, don't think I haven't done my homework. At any rate, I'm going for it and hope for the best. I think I'm gonna rub the "send" button on my email for good luck just before I send it off into the vacuum of the interwebz, though.

The main full length WIP I've been working on is creeping forward. I'm almost to 70k. I've been making rewrite notes one the hardcopy throughout the finished bits while adding to the book. Make no doubt, this one is red. Some of it I'm going to have to completely rewrite to fit the new beginning chapter. It's sort of like a messy version of layering. Anyway, I did notice this story keeps getting hotter with every pass. I think that's a good thing?

There you have it, my projects and updates. Now if I could just figure out whether I'm coming or going, I'll be in good shape. Honestly, I think once I get that spanking story taken care of (or at least sent somewhere it doesn't fall into the never-to-be-heard-from-again submission oblivion) I'll be able to lighten up. Or maybe this is all happening now because Pluto's retrograde? Oh, heck, I don't know, but as it stands, that story is like a pimple on my ass. I just want it to go away, already! *_*

So that's it for me. Monday, Monday. I hope yours is a happy one.


  1. I feel for ya, sugar. I went through a similar bought of submission black hole disappearance and finally heard almost a year later that my story was sadly rejected because the company no longer accepted that genre of material. Well crap. They did when I sent it. :P

    Hang in there and hopefully you'll hear back soon. ((hugs))

  2. Ugh, doesn't that just totally suck? I mean, if it's an R, just jet it out there already. I'm wearing my big girl panties, I can deal with it. But the first place I sent it said they had no record of it, so I resent it. Still no word there. It's gone to two publishers, but... I don't know. Pluto retrograde. That's all I can think. ~_~'

    If I can get a minute to catch my breath this week, I'm gonna comb through the story again, see if there's an issue. If there's not, I'll send it out again. Otherwise, bleh. I'll save myself the headache and package it as a freebie to give away at the MMC.

  3. I do know the feeling. I've had similar luck with a particular story recently. It seems to disappear where ever I send it. I wonder where those stories end up?

    Keeping my fingers crossed for you. I know how frustrating it can be.

  4. Thanks for the crossed fingers, Heidi. Hopefully the third time will be the charm.

    And that's what I'm thinking: Where is lost? Where do these stories go when they can't find them? I mean, they land in an inbox - can't be too many other places for a story to migrate to from there, right? *_*


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