Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Once Upon A Wednesday


What a morning! First off, I stayed up way, waaaay too late last night. I had an idea for a story so I sat up tinkering around with it while watching April Fools Day (horror movie with Deborah Foreman in it) on DVD.

After all that wool gathering, something about the book idea just didn't pan out. The story is missing some vital element, and for the life of me, I can't put my finger on what it is. After pulling my hair out over it for several hours, I decided the book simply isn't ready to be written, so I put everything away and went to bed. It was around 2 AM, so of course the minute I hit the sack MiniBeast wants to crawl in bed with me and the hubster. Oy vey. I had to carry him back to his bed because I can't sleep on one inch of effing bed space. Sorry Beast. Back to the Disney Cars bed for you!

At four thirty the alarm clock went off, and of course hubby wants to hit the snooze for an eternity before getting out of bed. I was about to kick him out of it over the alarm. Srsly. Of course the clock awakens MiniBeast who climbs back into bed with us, and this time I simply tell him, "Mimi is NOT getting up. If you fall off that inch of bedspace you've got, it's your beef." He tells me he's not going to fall, but by then it's all good because hubster is up and grumbling, so I scoot over and steal the warm spot he just vacated and give Mini extra room. ^_^

Remember I told MiniBeast I wasn't going to get up? Two minutes later I ate those words. "Mimi, I gotta pee." So of course, now I have to take the toddler to the potty. By the time I got everyone arranged, I could feel my blood pressure on the rise. I gave hubster a kiss bye for work, and when he asked if I was staying up after he left I simply told him this: "If I do not get my sleep, I am going to have a psychotic episode and none of you will be safe." Thusly, I went back to bed.

Mini gabbed at me for a long time after I finally turned in, but after a while it all blends into talk about Speed Racer to zzzzzz.... YAround 8, I wake to find Mini's face an inch from mine, so I ask him "What are you doing?" He whispers at me, "Get up, Mimi. It's morning!" Right about the time he takes off running out of the room (making car sounds, no less)I hear the phone ringing in the dining room. I stumble zombie style through the house to answer it, and discover it's the hubster. "Did I wake you up?" he asks when I pick up the phone. *_*

And there starts my day. Thank all that is holy coffee was made when I got up, otherwise there might've been a domestic apocalype at this street address. I'm just sayin'.

I sat down with my first cuppa, and started tinkering through the piles of notes I made last night. Even after roughly 5 hours of sleep, I have no idea what to do with this mess. I finished naughty spanking story #2 last night before settling in on the couch, so I could pick thatup. But I really don't want to start red penning and revisions on it yet. I wanna let it set for a few days and go back. That being the case, what do I work on in the meantime?

While pondering this, the phone rings again. It's mom, and she says she's coming over for a visit. I figure I better focus on coffee consumption - STAT. I shouldn't have worried. She gets over here and has a 45 minute cell phone conversation with my grandmother. I've already lost half my writing day, might as well try to get some of it back. I turn away and start working through emails.

On the bright side, after mom got off the phone, she decided to take Mini with her to spend the night. So I packed a small bag for him, put his shoes on, and transferred the car seat from my Jeep into her truck. Mini gave me goodbye sugars, and I made sure his little orange kiddie sunglasses were on his ears properly. Then they left. And now the house is silent. Save for Pitbull snoring and the dishwasher running. I'm setting the timer right now to see how much writing I can get done.

See, after they left, I started digging through my files and found a 61k word story I never finished. Reading through the first few, it's pretty hot. I think I may have found my "new" project. Finish this unfinished book. I can already think of a few places where I can submit this thing. Cool beans.

One last thing before I go, today's Blow Hard Tour 2009 stop is going on over at Alison Tyler's blog. Don't miss out!

That's all for now. I hope you all have a happy Wednesday. ~_^

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