Sunday, April 26, 2009

New Book Cards and Doing the W/C Dance

I ordered book cards for Moonlight and Shadows, yesterday. I screen captured the image proof before ordering. Aren't they loverlies? The book blurb is printed on the back of the card, along with my website address. I'm looking forward to holding these in hand.

The official release date for Moonlight and Shadows is May 15th. :0) I'm excited about that. I also have a scorching hot contemporary title coming out this summer, but I'll post more about that one later, as it gets closer to time.

Speaking of hot summer stories, I made my required word count on my menage wip this afternoon. Woot! So now no more worrying if it will reach the required count. *dance, dance*

All I have to worry about now is the clean up...which admittedly has been a bit taxing. I've been writing this story in "patches", and on the re-read of that first draft, I discovered two of the scenes were out of order, and one of them overlapped with another scene. Oy vey.

The overlapped scene was actually two different versions of the same scene. I had to cut one of them, but I blended as much of the two as I could before correcting the problem. Even so, I still had to ditch a significant amount of words. Something like 500, which doesn't sound like much, but really adds up in a short story.

At any rate, draft two is only pages from completion. The chapters are all divided. The scenes culled and rearraged. All the major corrections made. Next will be to clean up the grammar and prettify the story where need be. Moving right along....

I promised Minibeast I'd take him outside to play at 4, so I better get back to work. It's after 2 now. I only get so many hours Sundays to focus on writing. For the time being, it's hubby's only day off. Wish me luck! ~_^


  1. The book card looks beautiful, Cora. I can’t wait for the book :)

  2. Thanks, Neoindra! I hope you like the book. :*)


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