Thursday, April 02, 2009

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Spring in south of France

Out of bed this morning, the house is absolutely quiet. Thunder is rumbling and coffee is made. If that's not bliss, I don't know what is.

I have to admit I miss my Little Bear, though. He's still away at his grammy's. She took him home with her when she came to visit yesterday, and he slept over there last night. Every now and then that's a really good thing. It gives me a break in the cycle of insanity. I called to check on the MiniBeast around 4 o'clock or so, and while talking to mom I could hear him saying something about having cheetos orange on his fingers.

Hubby and I had a date night, and we were actually able to have an entire conversation with hubby while we rewatched Quantum of Solace with nothing interjected into it about the need to change the TV over to Noggin. Wow. That's so effing cool I'm even gonna spell it backwards: W-O-W!

So today I plan to sit around praying the power doesn't cut since we're having more thunderstorms/high winds/tornado warnings. That, and I'll probably work a bit on the new, but not exactly new, wip as well. I tacked 4k onto it yesterday, so I'm feeling a bit more love toward that project.

A few important things before I sign off for today - REMINDERS!!!!

Please don't forget to check out the Romancing A Cause auction going on to help a fellow author who is struggling. She and her husband both lost their jobs, and their home. If you prefer not to bid, you can still help. If you can spare even $2.00 for donation, there is also a paypal address linked to Ciar Cullen's blog post on the aution page. Every little bit helps!

Also, this is your official kick-in-the-pants reminder if you're working on a 2 paragraph pitch for the upcoming Nocturne Bites pitch contest! Entries must be posted at the eHarlequin forum no later than April 6. That's next Monday. *I also want to note that I checked into the rules and YES, the manuscript you pitch must be a completed. Not yet finished? There's still the weekend, so park yourself at the computer already and bang those keys!

And the last on the list...Saturday, April 4th is my stop along the whirlwind Blow Hard Tour 2009! I hope you'll drop by, share in a few excerpts, and say hello! Today, the tour bus is parked over at Dakota Rebel's blog, so don't forget to pay her a visit. :0)

There you have it. I've got nothing left. *shows empty pockets* Have a great day, everyone!

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