Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Girl Pimp

So I'm working on this menage erotica story - m/f/m for those who might be wondering. The draft is done, and I'm basically going through and layering more smut *cough, cough* details into the tale.

I got stuff on this one scene, and started having some doubts so I put the story aside and called a non-writer friend to chat.

After we spent a half hour talking about girly stuff, kids, pets, and such, I talked to her about the proposed ending to this menage and asked her opinion. She was kinda silent for a minute, then said, "So, uh, she's like a girl pimp, right?"

Der...what? Girl pimp? Wait. Is that wrong? ^_^

Okay, well, if being a girl pimp means being sandwiched between two really, really hot guys with accents in a sexy setting - um, pass me a Fedora and where do I sign up? (And please don't tell me hubster has to sign a permission slip or something to make it official. I have a feeling he might not approve.) *g*

Speaking of hubster, he came home from work and did the big sexy: he shaved his head. I spent the rest of the evening running my fingers through his hair. We call the cut "getting a Caesar".

Hottius Maximus

I don't quite remember the joke behind the phrase, but it has something to do with Russell Crowe in Gladiator. We used to snicker about it, I remember that much, but the phrase has since passed into all seriousness. Example: Honey, your hair is hair is too poofy. You need a Caesar, stat. At any rate, I love it when he first cuts it. I can't keep my hands off him. His hair feels pretty fab too. ;)

Tim Armstrong. Hot & rockin a Fedora, FTW!

But back to writing that menage... I'm thinking about tempering the ending a bit so my heroine doesn't walk away from the final sexy scene in such a girl-pimp kinda way. It's not a romance, but I don't want it to change who my heroine is so much that she doesn't seem like the same person at the end of the story. *pondering* Oh well, I guess the point is I'm not quite ready to debut a girl pimp story just yet. Maybe one day, though. Hehe!

Happy Tuesday, everyone! ~_^


  1. Oh— no girl pimpage? But it rocks!
    I mean, having a stable of studlies at your disposal is the serious wet dream of all my cougar friends.

    In fact, I'm thinking of signing up since the cabana boys no longer do it for me. Le sigh.

    ::bats eyelashes in mock sexy fun::

  2. ROFL!! Now that I think about it, having a stable of studlies... I'm not into the cougar thing; I like men I don't have to raise. Still, I could see the appeal of a stable. *rubs chin*



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