Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Diva In The House

Capel Lambs

The dog formerly known as Preggy Neighbor Dog, (now Diva Dog), is home. Or should I say, she's now officially a part of the family here.

According to the neighbors, she wouldn't take to her puppies, and they were worried not just for the puppies, but for her because she wouldn't eat or drink any water while they had her at their house. When they tried to interact with her, she'd turn her head away from them.

So yesterday at 8 am, there was a knock on the front door. It was neighbor mom, and there was Diva dog on the ground beside her. I opened the door and the lil Diva went bonkers. She ran in the house and started jumping and dancing and trying to talk to me - rawrawrawr. She's a very hyper girl to start, but when I picked her up, she went completely still in my arms and started grunting softly when I rubbed her ears. Pure contentment. I couldn't believe how excited she was to see me. Neither was neighbor mom. She'd never seen her sit still before.

Today I have to move Diva's dog house into the fenced area of the back yard. Yesterday was more about getting her used to the house, and it seems she's taking to it quite well. She has taken over Pitbull's doggy bed and squeaky toy, and growls when he comes near. Pitbull doesn't quite know how to act. He was "schnoo-ing" at me last night because he wanted to get in his bed but he was too scared to go near her. Oh, my vicious guard dog.... :P I had to get an old quilt out of the back closet and toss it on the floor for him, and oy, but he pouted on me while I was trying to write! Such sad eyes. So it's doggy bed shopping today. And I'll have to buy Diva a squeaky of her own so he can get his "baby" back. All this, of course, after I schedule Diva dog's vet appointment.

Now for the writerly bits....

I didn't get much accomplished yesterday. It wasn't easy to keep Minibeast calm with a new pet in the house. I only managed to sit down with the wip after he went to bed, and I gotta change that today. I want to get the rough draft for the summer menage story completed by tonight. That way, I can start red penning tomorrow. I have a deadline on it for the end of the month, and with it so close to Easter and Spring Break, I need to do as much as possible before I have both kids in the house. It's not easy to write the naughty bits with squabbling kids fighting over the TV in the next room. Srsly. *_*

The Blow Hard Tour 2009 is going strong! Today the bus is over at Emerald's blog today! Be sure drop by and say hello in the comments for your chance to win this fantastic prize package. Come on, you know you want to....

That's it for me today. I need to get going on this wip. Happy Wednesday, everyone!


  1. ROFL! Doggie do. Love it. My one sister has a pit bull and a Jack Russell. Guess who owns the Doggiedom? Yep. The Jack Russell. lol.

    She said the same thing you did about her Pit Bull. Apparently he never got the memo about his bad-ass street rep. lmao.

    He thinks he's a lap cat. No one has the heart to tell him he's not. :P

    Enjoy doggie bed shopping.

  2. Cass, Pitbull is one contented canine. He loves his new bed. But he's still not sure about the Diva. He says the vote is still out on her. ;)


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