Thursday, April 16, 2009

Denying the Muse

I'm up early this morning. I've gotta get the lead out on this naughty summer wip. Last night, between bouts of tinkering with Twitter and Youtube, I managed to clean up 4 whole paragraphs. Oy vey. No more of that allowed. *face slap*

On the other hand, I'm strictly denying my muse any playtime right now. I've locked her in a corner and she can stay there until she cooperates. That hussy, she wants to jump right on the full length wip and I know her, oh yes I do. I know she'll write pages and pages of notes on that full length, and then go... "Eh, enough of that. I'm sooo done here." And afterward, she won't want to put out again for months. Yes, months. How is a mortal woman to go without for that long?

No go, Miss Muse. Don't make me break out the paddle. You're blocked and barred from even glimpsing the proposed full length until the menage is complete and everyone has walked away satisified. Got it? Good. Now get that ass back to work.

To put myself in a summerly frame of mind, I've resorted to all kinds of colorful propoganda. I've been digging through beach pictures trying to get into the flow again. Let's see, I've got quite a treasure file going: pictures of resorts, palm trees, waves, hot guys in board shorts, girls in slinky bikinis, colorful drinks with little umbrellas in them, dune grass, cut off shorts, sea shells, sea birds, and white sand. Oh yeah, and Jeep porn, too. Throw a couple'a Bob Marley mp3s in on all that, and you have my all encompassing "get off your lazy duff and write something already, Cora" experience.

While rallying for a big attack on the summer wip, I've also had to do a bit of research on surfing in Argentina, and Argentine names for men. I had no idea until yesterday that there is a government list of approved names parents are referred to for naming their children. All baby names must be approved. This is to protect kids from being named something ridiculous or inappropriate, and also to help preserve culture. Until yesterday, I didn't know this.

Now to do the official clean up. I'm still a little short of the require word count, so the story has room to grow - sort of like a good pair of shoes. ;) Wish me luck!


  1., someone else who writes about their muse! ;) Have you met mine? (wrote about them here too.)

    Isn't it terrible when they won't cooperate???

    Good luck on the summer frame of mind...I was almost there yesterday. The ice is nearly gone from Lake Erie, and the view yesterday was captivating. Blue skies, brilliant blue water undulating with a soft breeze - you could almost imagine it was July out there, if you ignored the chunks of ice floating close to shore. ;)


  2. I just went and visited your muses! I think mine is a dark haired dominatrix. She acts cool and down to earth most of the time, then when my back is turned, the claws come out.

    As catty as she is, the muse and I have come to better working relationship after I read Mugging the Muse by Holly Lisle. She's got some great pointers about throwing the muse into submission. I have to reread it every now and then when writer's block strikes. It's also a free download, very worth reading if you're interested:

    Oh wow, Lake Erie and ice floating close to shore! Sounds amazing! We've been having a few cold days, but then the weather will pull a total fake-out on us and warm up into the 7os and 80s. I'm so ready for flip flop weather. ^_^

  3. Oooh, thanks for the link - I'll definitely have to download that tonight :) Maybe that'll help me tame mine ;) It's awful when they gang up on me!

    It definitely is amazing living on Lake Erie. I grew up on Lake Ontario, but each of the Great Lakes has their own personality. Erie's moment it's calm and serene, then next it's frothing with waves.

    It was 25 when I woke this morning, but supposed to get near 60 today and tomorrow. I can't wait for summer!! ( can tell what I've been reading this morning...I typed sommer, first!)


  4. I live in a lake community, but it never ices. The idea is kinda scary! Now I'm going to have to look up pictures of Lake Erie!

  5. lol...try this one, this one, and this is a nice one.

    I do love living on the lake.


  6. Holy WOW! Pic #3 is jaw dropping gorgeous!

  7. I only wish I could claim credit for it! :)

    The lake is inspiring, to say the least!

  8. Anonymous9:53 PM


    Thanks for the Lisle link. I'm anxious to read the book. I guess we all have a muse that just won't behave!

    I'm trying to finish up my college degree, two papers left to write before the end of April, and she (the muse) just refuses to show up for work! She keeps going over to AT's blog, eats all that delicious word candy, plays too hard, and then comes home exhausted. I can barely get two pages out of her for school--I mean, that's when I can get her to wake up before noon.

    Seriously, two days in a row you've made my day. Thanks. I love the way you think--and write. I hope I can return the favor some time.


  9. Have a great weekend, Cora! :)

  10. Aw, thanks Cerulean. I'm just glad to see you've dropped by. :*) Let me know what you think of the Muse download. I keep that one on hand in my "pdf cabinet" at all times for emergencies.

    I ♥ Holly Lisle's writing help books, and give them my highest recommendation. I go on about them a lot here on the blog, but only because I use them regularly and they work.

    Hey, just for the record, I'm pretty sure my muse may be hanging out with your muse over at AT's blog and that's why we can't get our work done. There's shiny sparkly fun stuff going on over there all the time! ^_^

    Drop by any time, ok? And good luck with your papers!


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