Saturday, April 25, 2009

Daydreamin' Saturday

The day has gotten off to a slow start. I went to bed around midnight-ish, and since Oldest was still up at the time, I tried to let him sleep in a bit before waking him. He has lawn duty today. The dog yard has to be mowed.

After helping the kids forage for poptarts, I drove Oldest down to the Wolf Stop a few and filled a can with gas for the lawn mower. We also bought important stuff like a peach Icee for the Minibeast, a Diet Dr. Pepper for me, and this huge chunk of beef jerky and a V8 for Oldest. Fine convenience store dining, I tell ya. Makes me wish we lived near that gas station in Oberlin. Everytime hubster and I come back (usually hungover) from New Orleans, we stop there and buy boudin, stuffed crab and/or shrimp poboys. Now that makes for a rockin' convenience store breakfast.

Today I have mega writing to do, but so far I haven't even cracked open the wip. Right now I'm watching Mini play in the sandbox. The sky is cloudy and kinda dark, so I'm pretty sure by this afternoon we're gonna have rain. Bleh. Better let him run off that energy while I can. Happy Saturday, everyone.

Why Can't I Breathe - Liz Phair

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