Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Change of Plans

I'm slow about posting this week. Sorry, sorry, sorry. I'm on a tight deadline right now for one story, waiting for edits on another, and I have two releases coming out very soon. Safe to say there's a bit of craziness going on right now.

I don't know the skinny, but I got word this afternoon that the Rekindled Fire anthology is being pushed back to May. Ho hum. I'll be stripping down yesterday's post asap to avoid confusion, but I'll repost when I have all the new info.

Until then, I'm trying to get the summer menage story sorted. I'm about to email a chapter off to my crit partner to see what she can make of it, then it's on to more red penning. Wish me luck!

***********AFTERNOON UPDATE***********

I'm exhausted, so I'm taking a break from editings to...well, to write on my blog. Makes perfect sense, doesn't it?

On the upside, I'm now officially half way through the summer wip. Woot! It just seems like a monumental task slogging through this thing, which is weird because it's such a simple story. I don't know what the problem is exactly - with me, not the story. That's written already. :P

Sure, there's stress involved with trying to get a project done, but I don't think that's it this go around. Maybe it's because this one require so much research. That's not usually my forte. I'd much rather write what I know, even if researched stories offer a bigger (creative) payoff.

Whatever the case, the chapter I mentioned earlier is off to my crit partner, and I've made a single pass over the next chapter. It's already marked up like something crazy, but there is more to come. Oh, yes, indeedy. I don't stop until every single effing line on my wip has a strike mark drawn through it. That way I know for sure the damn thing is edited to the best of my ability.

I was thinking about that a little earlier, the mess I make with a wip. I always feel kinda bad when I look at my printouts and see them so marked up. I always question my ability at that stage because there's so much I find in there that needs fixing. I mean really, should the draft be that bad? The 2nd draft, even? I went through that psyche trip today, but after about the fifth time I found and crossed out the word "fucking" in my manuscript, I got over the day's pity party and went back to work.

I decided if nothing else, I'll have a thoroughly trashed out, and probably unreadable set of notes to send in to Alison Tyler for her blog. You should check out all the nifty writer notes over there. And the panty gallery. And the bed gallery. Srsly. Oh, fair warning: what you find there might potentially be NSFW! But those blogs are the best kind, ya know? ~_^

So anyway, I haven't finished trimming this mofo yet, but it's getting there. Slowly but surely. Speed of fart slow. But as they say, some progress is better than none, and I still have two more days to work on it.

I'll be picking up Mini tomorrow, so that's gonna cut into the crunch time, but I think if I can just sit down and mark up this new copy to hell and back tonight, I'll be in the clear. Oy, my poor crit partner. I imagine she's gonna be ready to run from me before it's all said and done. I'll have to send her cookies or something. Maybe then she'll forgive me for the insanity.


  1. Take a deep breath. Blow it out. Again. Good. Better now? ((hugs))

    I totally understand. Going through the same thing. Editing, rewriting and polishing five different books at once. I am insane, I tells ya.

    If that wasn't enough, I have mum tomorrow. Should be fun. Well, unless we get arrested for disturbing the peace. Never know with mum. Can you say Blueberry? Everyone at Cracker Barrel sure knows she can! LOL. I never knew the human voice could do that to a tin washboard. rofl.

    Anyhoo, give mini a hug from his Auntie CC and tell oldest to be good this summer or you'll pack his butt off to Kentucky to pick veggies in my garden! :D

  2. *deep breath*

    Huge hugs, girl.

    It's been one fucktastic day, I tell you that. But I've got the story covered, I think. Just need a few more days to get it in order.

    Big hugs from Mini and Oldest - and watch your doorstep! That kid loves to travel! ;)


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