Wednesday, April 22, 2009

And It All Went Splat

Well,I officially did my time "power-free" for Earth Day yesterday. Our power went out twice, and was off for over 3 hours total. It wasn't horrible, but it's not easy keeping a toddler entertained with no electricity. Instead of trying to convince Minibeast the lights weren't going to come back on no matter how many times he flipped the light switch, I abandoned the laptop and took him outside to play.

I now have my first sunburn of the year, and it's not even summer yet. It's such a waste too, since I don't tan well, just get a kind of peachy tone and a ton of freckles. If you ever see me in person and I'm tan, trust me, it's fake-fake-fake-fromabottle-fake. For all my efforts, I'm now slathered in minty fresh aloe, and trying to play catch up with research. Urg.

Right before the 2nd power cut, yesterday, I realized something didn't mesh about my summer story. Hm. Make that 2 things that didn't mesh. The first thing was critical to the story - and as it turns out, illegal for the area where I had the story set. Brilliant - not! The other thing was an impossibility for the area. You can't do that there because the geography doesn't allow for it.

If you heard a loud 2o minute string of the absolute filthiest cursefest you've ever heard...uh, that was probably me.

I had no choice but to sit down with my story, circle all the NO GO parts on the hard copy, and try to match this stuff to a geographical location where all this stuff was possible. If I'd had more time to research pre-story, I might've escaped this pitfall, but when I'd initially gone to my publisher, the core of the story was already on paper - erm, hard drive.

I'm glad I was able to salvage it. It's like a miracle or something, but after 6 hours of solid notetaking and research, I found a location that is perfect for the story and 100% plausible and legit. It's a match! *victory dance*

I won't even have to change that much, just tweak a few minor things and I'm good to go. I tell ya, I nearly fainted with relief because it's too late to start from scratch! Thankfully I won't have to!

After all this BS, I could've really used a cuppa tea. A good cuppa tea. This Lipton French Vanilla shit I bought just isn't cutting it. It's not strong enough, even with two tea bags. I must hit the store today and buy a box of Madagascar Vanilla Red. That's my particular vintage. My favorite. I usually keep two boxes in the cupboard, but apparently I blazed through both boxes and never realized it. *twitch*

So that's what's what. Going round 4 with this draft - same story, new setting. Here I go again. Breaking out the big guns this time.

Happy Thursday! ~_^


  1. Wooohoo!

    Glad you found your locale, Cora!

    Sorry to hear about the sunburn...I know how you feel though...I'm one of those pale types too...I try to get sun to "neutralize the blue" as a local comedian once said(whose name excapes me).

  2. Thanks, JM! The story is finally coming along smoothly now. I think I finally have all the elements I need to stitch everything together.

    Neutralize the blue - hehehe! The sunburn is better today. Still a little pink on my shoulders, but no more sun-crispy feeling.

  3. Good luck with your next draft! That can be majorly frustrating! *hugs*

    I don't tan well either. I burn. And for a Hispanic woman, it's rather embarrassing. *sigh* I gotta fake it as well. OR I gotta do base tans at the fake and bakes in the gym. lol

  4. Isabelle! *tackle hugs*

    Ah, base know, I had forgotten all about that. It's been a while since my "attempting to tan" days. :} I never quite make it to the base tan stage, I just get all freckly. Darn genetics.

    BTW, Isy, I've seen your pictures - you have a gorgeous complexion, girl!

  5. Not a sunworshipper. It sends me to sleep, I'm afraid.
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