Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Wisdom is Fish

It's 2:30 in the morning, and yes, I should be sleeping; however, I was laying in bed a few minutes ago, and suddenly felt incredibly yucky. Like, "I ate roadkill for supper" kinda sick. I got up, and I've since taken Tums and I'm feeling a sooo much better, but I'm still waiting for it to hit that 100% better mark so I can go back to bed.

Has anyone else been reading about the lastest discovery of water/ice on Mars and the way the ice all melted over the planet at one time, then refroze toward the equator and voila - Mars as we currently know it?

Am I the only one who's noticed scientists have gotten into an awful hurry about trying to figure out what the hell happened to life on Mars, if it ever existed there? One headline recently on AOL was/is: Is Mars potentially habitable?

I'm sure they mean, like, if we could actually breathe the effing atmosphere and not die. *_* Yeah, yeah, I know... They could go in and put up atmosphere processing stations like in Aliens (Anyone remember what happened to them, hmm?) Or, they could build domes on the planet like in Total Recall, although the idea of interplanetary construction workers building environmental controlled domes on poisonous planets don't instill a lot of confidence in me. Especially considering some of Hubster's construction buddies, and the number of dumbasses that get tossed off the job for failing the random drug tests.

I can't picture most NASA guys outside the whole number crunching realm, but I can picture a massive civilian OOPS! like one of the paper mill outages where hubby works if they hired a contractor to come in and build anything meant to house Mars "residents".

I read the lastest article about the way ice has melted and shifted on Mars over the past some odd million years, and couldn't help wondering if these amazing findings are mean to be exciting, comforting or what, because comfort just doesn't come to mind? Hey, everybody! We think Mars might've supported life at one time, but then the Martian ice caps melted and.... well, shit. Ya know? *_* Let's build another billion dollar robot to go scratch in the dirt and see what it finds.

I swear to God, one of these days we'll all check out CNN, or Fox News, whatever, and we'll see the Mars rover on an archeological dig where it has partially uncovered a set of McDonald's Golden Arches under the ice frozen Scooby Doo caveman style. Darn Martians and their greenhouse gasses. I guess they should have eaten the methane producing cows, and smelted down all their plastic McDonald toys, too. For environmental purposes, you know.

My point is, what the hell are we going to do if we put people on Mars? Drill for oil? Open a Walmart? Haven't we done enough damage on one planet? I can picture the future, when Earth is one stick away from becoming an uninhabitable rock, The Mars Presidential Resort will open to everyone privileged enough to afford a shuttle ticket to get there. Wouldn't that just be the way? Tax payers build it and pay for it, and then we're the ones left to go down with the ship. Rats!

Anyway, there are my pre-dawn, pre-coffee thoughts for the moment. Just say NO to Mars. :P By the way, for anyone that might be wondering, the clip is from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. (FYI, the movie is no where near as good as the book.)

I'm off to bed again. Nite, nite all! And, hey, NASA - thanks for all the fish!


  1. Okay, your pre-coffee ramblings are scaring my after-pot-of-coffee jitters. Eek!

    I know what you mean about construction workers... I worked on a construction site one summer, painting and watching those guys act like asshats. And they were behaving better than normal because I'm the bosses sister.

  2. Weel, the thing is I think some of us may have come from Mars or another ice bearing planet. I mean, have you ever seen the folks that wander around parking lots like they are confused? Maybe it's not because they forgot where they parked their cards, but because they lost their spaceship! LOL

    Hope your night is less ickier than your day, hon. ((hugs))


  3. Umm, cars, not cards. Geeze you'd think English was my second language or fifth. ::looks around and covertly pushes green antennae back down into scalp::

    Hee, hee...


  4. I hope they have a Starbucks on Mars if I'm sent there! And I know a lot of people want to send me there! LOL


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