Tuesday, March 10, 2009

So Much Left To Learn

I stayed up late last night working on the plot outline of the next full length project I'd like to dive off into. I now have the rough outline running start to finish, and it's about 25 pages long. I'm gonna leave it alone for a day or so, then come back to it and read through, see if any new ideas take off, any story arcs appear that can be added in. If I can't think of anything new, I'll break out my character sheets and try to fill everything in while wrapping up this other story.

Speaking of all this plotting...so much for my pantser days. I can whip up a short story in no time flat, but it takes major planning for me to get a novel off the ground. I liken it to a lead tank trying to take flight.

On the otherhand, I have a novel length wip almost ready to print up and start red penning. I made major changes to the beginning and middle, but the end is still pretty much how I originally envisioned it. This is one of those labor of love books that I started on a long time ago, but never could seem to get it the way I wanted it. After all this time, it's finally reached its intended incarnation, the poor thing. Hopefully I'll be able to release it into the wild soon.

Today I'm pulling out a finished manuscript and giving it a quick read through before resubbing it. Apparently there was an issue with the publisher being able to open it. The only thing I can figure it that they can't open .doc files created with Open Office. I think one of my Mac friends had a similar problem. So I gotta copy and paste this thing into Word (now that I have it) and reformat everything. I haven't read the story in so long, I thought I better read through it before sending it on as well.

That's about it for me today. A little writing, a little coffee, some plotting and red penning. Not necessarily in that order.

Happy Tuesday, everyone. ~_^


  1. It depends upon what version of word you're using. Older versions can't open newer versions, Mac is different from PC, etc. Best thing to do is save it as an RTF file (use the arrow at the right of the file type box in word and scroll down to find it.) RTF files can be opened on both Macs and PCs in most word processors and will maintain the formats.

  2. That's true. I have Word 2007, and it's a pain because not everyone can open the .docx files. What the world was Microsoft thinking?

    I think I saved the story as a .doc file, but the only word processing platforms I had at the time was MS Works and Open Office. I used Open Office since you can save it directly as .doc. When I sent the story to my crit partner that uses Mac, I believe she couldn't open it. Hm... I may have inadvertently mailed the company the copy she couldn't open.

    Yeah, I definitely better go with RTF this time. *_*

  3. Wow, Cora. You're a busy bee. A full length novel is always awesome, especially being in the final stages. You'll have to give us a little peek at what it's about. :D

  4. Lots of work you've gotten done! Go, You!!

    I've had trouble with .doc files, and files going to/coming from a mac to my Dell. My editor at Samhain has a mac and we had a few issues before we finally got things figured out. >.<

    I agree with Isabelle...I want a peek! ^_^*


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