Thursday, March 05, 2009

Sailin' On

A small life's start of journey

Today had been a quiet, lazy day. Mini and I have been toying around and playing all day. We built a "car wash" out of blocks, and he found some boxes to climb in while I culled my office of junk. Around 3:30 we went out to play in the sand in the driveway and my parents came over. When I saw my dad climb out of the truck, I was shocked.

"Um, dad, you're supposed to be in bed resting!"

He said he wanted to see his grandkids, and that was that. They could've called me and I'd have driven them over there, ya know? At any rate, he's still very sore but he looks much better, and has a little more color to him now.

So earlier today when I was cleaning out my office, I found an old wip and dusted off the cobwebs. Honestly, I have no idea why I never finished this book - other than my own slackassedness, of course. It's not up to my current level of writing, but it's not remarkably terrible either. Right now it's sitting at roughly 60k.

Since I'm currently between projects, I'm gonna sort through this and see if I can clean it up and maybe expand it for Samhain. I've already opened StoryBook and Holly Lisle's Plot Clinic (ebook), and between play sessions with Mini have done a little project research. I've been filling in "plot cards" to see where I stand with this thing.

Speaking of writing, I went over to this afternoon and bought a copy of How to Write Page Turning Scenes, by Holly Lisle. If you're an aspiring author who hasn't bought her Plot Clinic book, I give it my highest recommendation. I bought the pdf version a while back, and it's an invaluable guide suited to writers published or not. I break it out when I need it and read it in sections, and it usually helps me get over the rough patches in my manuscripts.

So now I've bought the Scenes book as well. I plan to sift through this book tonight, but probably won't start working my way through it until next week. I'll let you know how it works out.

That's it for me. Mini is sooo tired. We've romped all day, and it's starting to show. He's eating supper AND whining. Who knew you could do both at the same time! I better start his bathwater. I can tell already the little beast isn't going to last the hour before nite-nite. Happy Thursday, everyone.

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  1. I bet seeing your dad about gave you heart failure! I'm glad he's okay. Old farts can be sooo stubborn sometimes.

    I'll be checking out Holly's books. Might be quite helpful. :)


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