Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Rain Rain Rain Rain

I meant to blog yesterday, but had too much going on and got sidetracked. Oldest has been working on this English report for three days and he came to me Monday night around midnight and asked me if he could stay home from school Tuesday because he needed extra time to work on it. That's kind of a weird request, but I went ahead with it since I had to take him to the clinic for his required school shots on anyway.

If anything can be said, the kid is diligent. Here it is, early Wednesday morning, just after midnight and he's still working on that damn report. Poor kid. Reminds me of the time I got saddled with an Edgar Allan Poe short story collection for a book report. Oy vey. Talk about the report that Would.Not.Effing.End!

So anyway, I had both boys home today and it has done nothing but rain, rain, rain. Ugh. First things first, we made a dash to the bank and post office, then off to the bank. Then the shots. Oldest is paranoid of needles. They've never really bothered me, but with a dentist in the family, and having grown up around a setting where it's common practice to give someone a shot in the mouth, I guess that just goes without saying. Oldest did well, though, and I'm proud of him. He didn't faint, and for the first time ever, didn't ask for me to come hold his hand. Although that's sort of a bittersweet growing up thing. :*)

Mini was sure his bubba was in there for massive surgery or something. Everytime one of the nurses stopped to say hello to him, he would say, "My bubba isn't feeling very well today. He's gotta have SHOTS!"

One of the nurses asked Mini if he wanted a shot too, since his bubba had to have one and all, but Mini just stared at her like Woman are you crazy? He had the eyebrow going any everything. Totally hilarious! OMG. Where he gets this stuff, I really don't know.

Beyond that, the day was calm and as normal. I had to run to Wally World after Oldest's appointment was over because we've practically been sitting in the dark here at home. I don't know what it is about lightbulbs, but that is something that just doesn't register on the needs list whenever I'm in the store. It's amazing how skewed that list is though. I don't really need fruity pops or Zombie Aocalpse horror-shrieking-brainfest Part VIII on DVD, and yet that's what ends up in the cart.

So I've been debating getting my tongue pierced. I've told hubby about it but I'm still not sure. I saw this cute Hello Kitty tongue stud on and wants. ~_~' The only thing that has stopped me from just going for it is the OMFG pain! Hole in my tongue! vibe I get from watching tongue piercing videos on youtube. Srsly. Watching that is not for the weak. I'm the friend you want to take with you to get a tattoo. To get your tongue pierced? Probably not, unless you want to end up carrying me out of there after I've fainted.

Okay, the power went out, so here I am finishing up this post hours later... I think I'll just round things out by mentioning I updated a few pages on my website last night. No major changes, just added a bit of news and a book cover. *dusts hands* Happy hump day, everyone!

Writing Adventure Group #5:

“WAG #5: Life In Motion” Sometimes it’s good to approach writing like taking a photograph with words. On the other hand, it’s important to remember that a scene is always in transition. For this week’s adventure, sit in a good observation spot and notice how the scene in front of you changes from one minute to the next. Has the light changed? The sounds? The people? What’s different now compared to when you first arrived? Is there anything you can see (or hear, smell, etc) that is changing right in front of you? Be creative and break the rules! This week is all about change!
Post the results on your blog, and read this post about the group for information on how to notify me (Nixy Valentine) so your post will be properly included in next week’s list. (Note, please include WAG #5 in the subject heading and tell me how you want your name to appear please!) Deadline: next Tuesday, March 31st.
Ok, here WAG exercise of the week:
It's early morning, around ten a.m., and Mom's yard is freshly mowed. The smell on the breeze has changed from wild flower cow pasture to the chlorophyll green of clipped grass. As yellow sunlight peeks out, dew glistens, a soft shimmer across a carpet of green. Drops of water like beads of glass on a spiderweb in the bushes. My sneakers are wet, and there are clinging green bits on the canvas. Mom has refilled the birdfeeders with seed, including the terracotta trays on the stepping stones. Now that the yard is quiet, the squirrels run tree to tree, tails flicking, curious to see what she's left out for them.

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  1. You've completed five already, you go girl.

    I think this had amazing detail. I could see the picture you painted and it was lovely.

  2. Hey. Dropping by to say a quick hello! Hope all's well. *hugs*

  3. Thanks bunches, Christine. I'm glad you liked it! :*)

  4. Hey Isy! *hugs* I need to send you an email this evening. If I don't, contact me!

  5. First off - tongue studs. Talk to your dentist. You may not feel so positive about them after that. (Mine had some "after" pictures up on her wall - infections, broken teeth, you name it. Ugh.)

    Good that your eldest is staying on track - I thought you were going to say he took the day off but didn't work on the project.

    And I hear you on the needle phobia - my youngest who was never afraid of needles before passed out after his last one. Just about scared the bejeezuz out of me to see him just slump to the floor the way he did. Thankfully the doctor was right there.

    word verification: vaphipa - is that some sort of vampire disease? I need to start saving some of these words for my paranormal. I can never think up words like that.

  6. Leah! Talk to my dentist? *_* I can't do that. He's my godfather and he'd think I'd lost my mind. He'd possibly even call my mother, and even at 33, that's enough to scare me. ROFL!!

    Pain and potential infection scare me, but at the same time... Well, gee, it's a Hello Kitty tongue ring! ^_^

    It's one of those things I think I'd just have to go in and do it - not think about it because otherwise, I just creep myself out with thoughts of mortal agony.

  7. Anonymous2:13 AM

    I really like the visual of the grass on the sneakers... very evocative!

  8. Cora you've given us a good description of a present state of things. Like Nixy, I liked the grass on the sneakers bit.

  9. Tongue stud... NOOOOOOO! I hear they hurt A LOT. I just made that up, but it it helps dissuade you I'm good with that. ;) They do ruin teeth.

    My father-in-law was the original needlephobe. A friend of theirs, a registered nurse, came over one year to give the whole family flu shots. He made everyone line up for their shots. When she said it was his turn he took off running. Literally.

    I liked the smell of the fresh cut grass and the water drops like beads of glass on the spider web.

  10. Cora, loved your post. I smelled summer. Was this a memory of childhood or current? The reference to the green bits on damp canvas made me feel 8 or 9 again.

    Also - you made my day. I did not know about the Hello Kitty Hell blog. I shared it with several people in the office and consequently very little work was done this afternoon. I spent about 5 or 6 years in Hello Kitty Hell with my youngest. So I could really relate.

    I'd vote no for the tongue stud - but hey if it's good for you - go for it.

    Again, thanks for great post.

  11. Cora,

    Great post. I miss grass, mowing, dew, warmlight light...sneakers...

    Right now we are cold, snow, mud, boots, coats, scarves...still.


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