Monday, March 30, 2009

The Morning After

I've been a busy bee this morning! The caffeine tweak really helps, but anyway...tomorrow is the official kick off of the 2009 Blow Hard Tour!

It will begin the begin over at Sommer Marsden's blog, so be sure to drop in and check that out!

I also received an email this morning about a fellow author in need of help. Here's the skinny:

Romancing A Cause
Help my friends from Romance Divas support a romance writer who is struggling. She and her husband have lost their home, both lost their jobs, and we don’t want them to lose hope. Be a Diva and have a ball with these awesome items. A new auction every day!

From April 1 through April 7 you can bid on print books, ebooks, writing critiques, banner creation, jewelry, baskets of soap, and other goodies galore!

All of the authors are part of the writing forum Romance Divas, and include Robin L. Rotham, Gemma Halliday, Jennifer Lewis, Kate Pearce, Jennifer Colgan, Nell Dixon, Sage Burnett, Delia DeLeest, KB Alan, Debbie Mumford, Dara England, Cassandra Curtis, Ciar Cullen, Stephanie Adkins, and many more!

If you can’t afford to bid on these items, even $2 will help. Paypal address for direct contributions is

The auction can be found at:

Just for the record, someone is gonna have to outbid me for that tulip basket. Yes, sir. I'm already making room for that Jennifer Colgan book on my shelf. If you'd like to know more about Romance Divas, you can visit their website at . RD has a wonderful FREE forum, and is consistently on Writer's Digests 101 Best Websites for Writers. I've been a member there for several years now, and give them my highest recommendation.

On to the less important things... I went to bed around 1 AM this morning after sitting through My Bloody Valentine. (1981) I watched this movie at least a dozen times growing up, and always liked it for the kinda sorta but not quite hot guy that left town but came back. Hm. Anyway, rewatching this movie at the grand old age of 33, I realize MBV 1981 isn't all that great, and I really don't think it's a "this movie is dated" kind of thing.

There's no real plot, and the bad guy was poorly incorporated and wears a gas mask/coal miner's suit, so cue the Darth Vadar respirator breathing - but only in some scenes. I don't think they had the budget to put the respirator breathing it in all of them. Or something like that. *_*

But what really stood out to me is that nothing the cops did ever made any sense. Manhandling the evidence. Not telling a soul that there's a serial killer in town. Whoever wrote the script for this movie did absolutely NO research into police procedure. None. And yet, I sat there watching this from beginning to end, mostly because I noticed a curious return of fashion with the hair and what these people were wearing. Save for the hero's chest revealing denim shirt and bandana ascot, of course. I hope to all that is holy no one is walking around in that. If the guy had a porn stache, his look would have been complete.

The movie was so bad, I couldn't stop watching it. I feel kinda dirty about that today. Ok, well, not really. I feel dirty because I know I'd likely sit through this thing all over again, just looking at the post-hippie-chick hair and vintage clothes. Actors and actresses before the huge wave of plastic surgery. I dare you to try it. Pick a movie from the late 70s, early 80s, and check out the "hot chick" and the hero in each movie. Compare them to today's Hollywood hot list. Is it just me, or has the overall look changed drastically?

Despite having movie hangover, it's been a productive day. I've taken care of a lot of things I've been putting off. Now that's done, though, I need to sit down and brainstorm a new project. Not sure if I want to do something contemporary, paranormal, or maybe even sci-fi....

Hope you all have a good Monday!


  1. Anonymous11:00 AM

    LOL, That's so funny. I've felt the same way about some books. I keep thinking there's got to be some redeeming quality to this movie/book. It's a sick oompulsion to finish it no matter what.

    Divas is a great forum. I'll pop on over there.

  2. Sick compulsion is the perfect description of it, Marley. ^_^ And I heard yesterday that Divas made the Writer's Digest 101 Best list again this year. I think it's their fifth year in a row!


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