Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Latest Projects

I sent off a manuscript in early December, and assumed after a while they'd R'd it since I never heard back from the publisher. (I posted a little bit about this yesterday, but thought it might be valuable to other aspiring authors who sometime use Open Office.)

Well, two days ago I got notice about the project, and was told they couldn't open it. I think this is because I used Open Office, one of my favorite open source writing platforms. A crit partner and I were passing stories back and forth several months ago; however, she kept getting errors with mine saying they were corrupted or not compatible, etc. even though I'd sent them as .doc files.

I've since upgraded MSWord from trial/Student Edition to the Small Business version and I haven't had this problem with any other projects I've submitted. If something like this is going on when you send out submissions, update your Open Office and see what happens (there is an update available now that I'm aware of). Or better yet, pick up MS Word for Small Business or the pro version. Their Student Edition isn't worth a hill of beans. Hey, Microsoft, even Students need "track changes". Sheesh.

At any rate, that story is now resubmitted. *dusts hands* All I can do now is sit and wait. I have three other submissions floating around, and two more I need to clean up and shove out the door as soon as I can get my act together and get them polished properly. One of them is the android story. I'm two/thirds the way through cleaning up that one. I really need to just take a weekend off and finish it so I can get it out of my hair. It's unconventional, but I really like the story, so I hate for it to molder away on the old hard drive.

I got notice yesterday that the Weirdly 3 antho is still on, so I've got to shift my schedule around a bit so I'll have time to polish my story. When I heard ME had left Wild Child as an editor, I assumed (yeah, I know the saying) that the antho would be off. The piece is written, but very sketchy at this point and needs an overhaul.

First things first, I'm going to finish this full length draft while it's fresh on my mind so I can stay on schedule with it. I plan for this puppy to be rewritten, cleaned, polished, buffed and spit-shined so it is out of here by the end of summer. I have three specific publishers in mind for it. Crossing the fingers now that at least one will take interest.

Speaking of the full length story... I've been asked about it, so I thought I'd share. It's a futuristic/sci-fi/erotic romance. Alien worlds, hot sex, and plenty of romance. I love these characters and have high hopes they'll make it to print.

That's about it for me today. I need to sort laundry, sad as it is. :P Happy hump day, everyone. Scroll down to check out the current Writing Adventure Group Challenge.

“WAG #3: A New Friend”

Sit somewhere that you can watch strangers passing by. Choose someone that you don’t know, but you can imagine being friends with. Describe them in concrete terms, particularly whatever it is about them you find appealing (or unappealing!) Feel free to also write what you imagine that makes you warm to them, but don’t forget to describe reality as well!

Thank you Marsha for contributing this week’s adventure theme!

Post the results on your blog, and read this post about the group for information on how to notify me so your post will be properly included in next week’s list. (Note, please include WAG #3 in the subject heading!) Deadline: next Tuesday, March 17th.

OK here goes...

I'm sitting at the McDonald's closest to Tech campus, and I glance toward the window in time to see Mohawk get out of his shitty little car. Two foot tall hair. It's scarlet red this time, like the plumage of a Macaw. Kinda bent on top from riding in the car. I think it was blue the last time I saw him. Not a bad change. He fumbles around in the parking lot a minute, I think he's scrounging change out of the drink tray or something. He's got a new friend with him this time - short black hair, kinda spiky all over. Little nobbins all over his head. After a minute, they leave the car, a battered Celica, I think, and I watch them cross the cold gray parking lot, huddled intheir jackets, hands deep in pockets, breath frosting white on the air.

They're talking quietly when they enter, and they disappear from view while they go to order. I turn to Mini, try to convince him to eat his fries. Minutes later, the guys come around the corner carrying their food on a single tray. They sit a table over from me and Mini, and when we get up to leave, Nobbins bumps Mowhawk under the table, and he quickly tucks his foot under the table and out of the aisle.

"'Scuse me, little man," he says to Mini when we pass, and the other guy nods at us.

They smell strongly of patchouli when we pass. Possibly something else? Not my business. They're polite enough; the rest is the rest. I hand Mini his Sprite and he holds the swinging door open while I dump the tray.

Mini, the chatterbox, turns and waves bye to Mowhawk, and says something I don't quite catch. I don't see Mohawk's reaction. I take Minibeast by the hand and we head toward the door. I'm already trying to take the keyclip off my belt loop.

See ya next week, Mohawk. Enjoy the fish sandwich.

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  1. Sounds like you're super busy with writing projects! Awesome.

    Can I ask you a question: where do you find the guidelines for the Weirdly 3 antho? Hope you don't mind me asking.

    Have a great day!

  2. Hey, Yolanda, I sent you an email to the address in your Blogger profile. *thumbs up*

  3. Anonymous3:25 AM

    Love the description of "mohawk". Great post!

  4. You give us a good feel for the frosty air and the venue.

  5. Enjoyed your WAG. Good descriptions and get a sense of what the guys are like as people.

    I use Open Office all the time and have never had a problem. That's a bit worrisome. I usually save as RTF though, so I can move easily from PC to MAC.

  6. Great post! Sounds like you see your potential friend frequently. Do you think at some point you might reach out? Or he might? It's interesting to think about an 'almost' relationship changing into a real friendship. Gave me lots to ponder. Thanks!

  7. What a great description! I love that they smell like patchouli.

  8. I love mohawk as well- your piece reminds me of when my kids were young. We would go on campus for lunch. You never know what you'll see there. Great post!



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