Friday, March 20, 2009

It's BSG Night!

It's been a productive day so far. I'm two pages away from finishing having the W3 story polished for submission. That is my big goal for the day. That, and watching BSG.

I woke up this morning and that's what came to mind - gotta set the TV so it auto tunes to Sci-Fi tonight. Oh yes, there will be carnage if I miss the series finale. The family has been warned.

So yesterday I mentioned that I fear Leoben will likely die. If he does this go round, it will be permanent, and I will cry.

First of all, the poor guy is just damned unlucky! How many times has he been killed in this series already? Eight, nine times? Too, he told Kara at one point that it was her destiny to deliver him to God. Ok, as batshit crazy as that sounds, he probably heard that from a hybrid and omg, I just have this fear that if they do have some God-like presence appear at the very end of the show (such as, if they all get sucked into that singularity and oogly boogly things happen, secret of the Opera House and all that blah), he's gonna die. Probably will have that whole light in his eyes, like he's seeing something important in his final moments, then lights out. Wah!

To the powers that be: Please.Don't.Do.That.To.Me. ~_~'

I'm also curious to see what happens with Sam. He's loyal through the entire series, an all around good guy, and what does he get? Vegetablized into a hybrid. If something good doesn't come of that, I'm breaking out the voodoo doll.

Ok, that's enough nerd rage for one day. (Or at least until the show airs.) I better get back to writing so I can turn this in today. Around 2, when the mail runs, I have to find a pair of shoes and make a dash to the bank. Same old, same old. By the time I'm back home the day will be rolling down hill. It's always kids and chaos here after 3 pm.

Happy Friday, everyone!


  1. OMG, I have soooo many questions about the finale.

    I'm going to blog all my quandries tomorrow. Ultimately, I thought it was great - how about you?

  2. Jenn, I still have soooo many questions! I hope they can use Caprica or BSG The Plan to answer some of them!

    my word veri is: griticag

    BSG? CAG? Gritty? Are they messing with my mind?

  3. Just to sort of follow up my own personal thoughts...Sam's been loyal through the whole thing, so what does he get out of it? Why, in the end, he gets sent off to burn up in the sun. *nods* Yep, sounds fair, don't ya think? ~_~'


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