Saturday, March 14, 2009

Fan Girl Blues and the Cosmic Anvil

Hubby's working nights for the next two weeks so this should be very interesting. I may come out of this one either bald or gray, because Mini doesn't get the concept of "please be quiet". I'm so glad I have most of my deadline stories out of the way or I'm sure I'd go bonkers. It's not going to be easy to pull for writing time while Hubby's home. Mostly I'll have to keep Mini occupied so he doesn't go running in there and springing on his daddy.

On the writing front, I've gotten my third round edits back for Moonlight and Shadows and need to add in the dedication and bio. The dedication is a peach. I got that one. Lil Sis definitely deserves some props for answering all my emails for Shreveport directions. "You know," she said to me after the third email plea for directions, "If you'd COME HOME ONCE IN A WHILE you'd know if that store was still there."

I am so guilty. But at least I know what to write for the dedication!

Now for that bio.... Ugh, I so totally hate writing the bio. Is that just me? I usually copy and paste an old one because I have no effing idea what to say. I feel it should say something writerly here, something personal there. All done! But it never happens like that. If I were totally honest in my bio, I'd write something like:

Cora thinks about sex waaay too much for it to be considered healthy, so she tempers it off by writing it down on a daily basis and calling it art. She has two kids to show for this dirty imagination of hers, and when she's not thinking about sex, she's thinking about Jeeps and guitars - her other favorite forms of mental porn.

Somehow I really don't think my publisher would allow that, though.

You're Now Entering the Fangirl Zone - SPOILER Alert

Last night, I watched BSG and all my worst fears came true. If you haven't watched the March 13 episode, quit reading my blog already and get thee to - stat!

They didn't jump the ship, but then I'm not really surprised. They just teased us with it like I feared (see yesterday's post for my thoughts pre-episode), and they still haven't brought back Leoben! He and Kara have had this whole destiny thing going on the entire time, and he's not in the final batch of episodes? Isn't it bad enough that he didn't get any glowing spine action in the series? Too, I thought he said the hybrid told him things, and it was the reason he came looking for her on New Caprica. Please don't let them cut him out of the final reveal!

And poor Sam. This is a very bittersweet ending for him, in my opinion. "...find a planet for Kara Thrace..." Somewhere in there he still loves his little harbinger of death. Yeah, I'm sappy like that. He's locked in his own thoughts, apparently, but at least he remembers his life before, even if he's processing it like a hybrid. It's cool, too, that Kara has stuck by him through it. (although she has attempted to shoot him in the head to end his "suffering") She's usually kinda flaky about the emotional stuff, so it's good to see that her character has grown.

I know there are a lot of folks who want to see her end up with Lee, but I just don't think they make a convincing couple. I've watched the entire series, and aside from the quicky sex, and her ties with him through Zak and daddy Adama, I don't see the real romantic connection. To me, it's like friends who had sex then woke up the next morning and can't believe what the hell they've done so they say, "Should we go out or what?" No. For the sake of humanity, please don't.

Speaking of Lee, I'm kinda pissed at him for not tossing Baltar out the airlock the minute he came asking for a position in the government for his cult. Hasn't everyone heard enough of his political aspirations already? He's like another Tom Zarek. No one wants him in office but the resident fruitcakes, but he keeps coming back anyway, and whenever he does Bad.Things.Happen. If Baltar makes it out of this show without a serious kick below the belt I'm gonna be pissed. Or seriously questioning the intergalactic laws of karma, because I swear, at this point there should be a two-ton cosmic anvil hovering somewhere in space with his name on it. 0_x

Okay, more thing and I swear I'll be done with my BSG banter for the weekend. First things first, there is a Monday 1 hour behind the scenes special on Sci-Fi, then next Friday is the 1 hour finale. It looks like it'll be action packed, but the teasers can be so outrageously deceptive. I want to know all the juicy bits, but not like in "the Ellen episode". Please not that. Ugh, I get restless just thinking about that info dump. I have no attention span for that kind of storytelling. Srsly. And for Pete's sake, who the fuck is Daniel?!? Please tell me they aren't going to drop that story arc. Cruel, cruel, people.... Oh wait, maybe Cavil will reveal that Starbuck is actually Daniel when they board the colony and go to steal Hera back. Hm....*pondering*

Congratulations! You've Now Safely Exited The Fan Girl Zone.

That's all I've got for today. I've got to break out the Weirdly 3 story and work on it a bit. And I need to tell Oldest to chill before he walks grooves in the floor from pacing. His friend was supposed to be here to pick him up fifteen minutes ago. Teenagers! ~_^

Happy weekend everyone!


  1. I really have to watch BSG. I've never seen one episode but I keep hearing it's fantastic. I may have to rent some DVDs.

    I hope everything works well for you with hubby out at nights. *hugs* Although I must say, I'm impressed you're already at the dedication/bio phase of M&S. Good stuff!

  2. Hey Cora!

    I personally like that bio. I may have to think up a nickname for you. :winks:

    But not smutkitty. I've already claimed that one for meself. lol Just kidding.

    Hope your Saturday was more productive than mine.

  3. Isabelle, do it! Watch the show! I didn't jump on the bandwagon until season 2, but even coming in that late, I was hooked. I've since made it home with all the DVD sets and have watched them through to the current season. *hearts BSG*

    So far nights are going OK. I'm not pulling my hair out yet. LOL!

  4. Oh, no, a nickname! I can only imagine - ROFL!

    Productive Saturday...that would have been nice. I think we're just going to have to smack each other with a stick to get motivated. I've done next to nothing all weekend. 0_o


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