Sunday, March 08, 2009

Nasty Little Hangover

Oy, it was hard to get out of bed this morning. Mini kept coming to the edge of the bed, "But Mimi, you can't sleep! I want [food, drink, TV, DVD, Pokemon, insert choice toddler object here]."

I must've got out of bed 6 times before I decided it was pointless to try and sleep. I probably wouldn't have been half as determined to remain unconscious, but I didn't get to bed until after 3 AM. I stayed up entirely too late last night. Erm, this morning? But I got caught up in a story and couldn't leave it until I'd written this huge scene block I had in mind. A wrote a little over 3k on one story, and about 1k on a different story - albeit earlier in the day, yesterday. 4k overall. Snazziness and butterflies!

I have a nasty little writer's hangover today, but it's all good. I got up, took an aspirin, and before I'd even turned on the 'net, I wrote another 1k on my story. These characters are really talking to meh. Pre-coffee even. That's heavy. I think they might be my kinda people. :P

I'm officially tanked up on caffeine, althought I may need more before the day is out. Speaking of which...sugar free hazelnut lattes...

Kittie - What I Always Wanted

I went to the parentals' house yesterday and spent a few hours visiting. I wrote down a couple of diabetic recipes I could think of off hand mom could make that were really simple, showed her how to calculate the carb/sugar ratio on food packages, wrote down a list of NO-NO foods to post of the fridge, and made shopping lists for mom to haul around with her. I also calibrated dad's glucose meter, showed him how to test with it, and how to log his readings in the log book.

Ya know, it's hard to believe it happens in this day and age, but doctors just write a prescription for patients and expect them to follow the "take one pill twice a day" on the bottle and expect patients to know WTF they're doing. Dad was scared to take his insulin pills - do you take one at breakfast, before breakfast, an hour after? So here I am writing down a pill schedule for my dad. The doctor gave him NO literature about the pills or about being diabetic. Good Christ!

I swear I wrote down 8 pages of notes for mom and dad yesterday, and went over every tiny detail I could think up - just in case. It burns my tail because some of that should have been the doctor's job. It's not that I minded going over everything - but that I shouldn't have had to. What if some elderly person with no family has to go to that doctor with a similar problem? What if they don't have anyone to sit and walk them through it? That meter was a pain in the ass for me to calibrate and I have my own. The very idea is enough to make me wanna reach for a voodoo doll and pins.

On a lighter note, mom called this morning to let me know dad tested his BG himself this morning, and took his medication fear free. She told me his numbers and I gave her a big YAY! on the phone. Dad is still a bit terrified of eating, worrying he'll pick up something he shouldn't, but that's only because it's new. It's a balancing game you play with carbs and protein. He'll have it all figured out soon enough.

So I better sign off and get to work. Hubster sent me a txt a few minutes ago - he's on his way home. They called him in to the plant this morning, then he found out he's going to be working elsewhere Monday. Figures. :P

Enjoy your Sunday, everyone!

Oh, by the way - check out Tramp Stamp Barbie!!!! *cough, cough* I mean, Totally Styling Tattoo Barbie. The asshat picture above is her's truly. The Harridan Housewives Association is out to get her banned because she's such a slut - complete with tattoos. I, on the otherhand, saw that sexy little asshat and had to have her - to add to my bad idea Barbie collection!

Yes, I sent Husband to Wal-mart to buy her for me. Well, I didn't send him, exactly. He was going anyway and I had him pick her up for me, which he did. *smoochies*

Ya know, I bet Barbie regrets that Ken tattoo. Didn't she dump him a few years back for metrosexual Blaine? Boy that fling was short lived. You just don't hear about him now. I guess Ken took Barbie back. At least I hope so. Having an asshat love-target with some other man's name would kinda suck in the new boyfriend department don't you agree?

I guess the overall lesson is: Even in the land of plastic, inking names on your body is a bad, bad idea. Always think before you ink. That goes for you too, Barbie!


  1. I don't even feel bad for you. I live for writer hangovers. :-P *so jealous*

    But really, also majorly excited for you! YAY!

    As for me, I'm busy with baby feeding hangovers. Ha ha. But once I get this down, I'll get back to some semblance of sanity.

    P.S. I can't BELIEVE that's a real Barbie. *dies* I swear I thought you were joking.

  2. I love it, Ass-Tat Barbie! ROFL!
    You know, I'd heard a rumour a while back, that Barbie went AWOL and met a sexy girl doll named Heather and they were now an item. :D

  3. Isabelle, it's 100% a real Barbie. ^_^ She comes with her own ink stamping tattoo gun and tattoo stickers. Man, I wish my tattoos had gone on so easy and painfree. LOL! It's really cute. And it's amazing the hubbub going on over this doll.

  4. ROFLMAO!!! Cass, in my opinion, Barbie would be much better off with Heather. Ken is kind of...well... ok, he's a major dork.

    Where is the bad biker werewolf shapeshifting Ken? Yum. If they had him, Barbie would never stray.

    Instead we get Ken dressed up like a Lucky Dog vender cart guy (BBQ Ken??), or in a prince charming suit that looks worse than some poor girl's prom date with his dayglo glitter cumberbund.

    Poor Barbie. No wonder she dumped him for Blaine...or Heather. I just hope she got to keep the dreamhouse. *_*


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