Wednesday, March 18, 2009


candlelight drop

I noticed last night my writing calendar is filling up again. A bit of good news: Moonlight and Shadows is on the publishers finishing shelf right now. The final copy (they send for our records) was sitting in my inbox when I got up this morning. Yay! BTW, I'll be posting an excerpt from this story during the Blow Hard tour, so keep checking back.

Now that edits are done, I'm completely free to delve into something new. First things first, I'm gonna finish up this piece for Weirdly 3. Not exactly new, but it's been put aside for a while so it feels fresh. I think there are two scenes left to rewrite? Not much left at all. I'm also working on the draft for a "teasing him" story that is absolutely new. Very hawt stuff. These are tops on my priority list right now since both have to be out of here by May.

It's that time again! Writing Adventure Group day! I like these little exercises. They keep me on my toes. Here goes:

“WAG #4: Do You Hear What I Hear?”

So often, our brain filters out the sounds we hear every day, but sounds can make a story so much more concrete and help your readers feel like they’re really there in a story. This week, go out, sit and listen. (Close your eyes if that helps!) Let your attention move from the obvious sounds to the subtle ones. Try to take in the sounds you usually filter out, whether it’s voices, traffic, children, the hum of overhead lights, or whatever. Write a short description of the sounds and your experience, especially anything unexpected.

Post the results on your blog, and read this post about the group for information on how to notify me (Nixy) so your post will be properly included in next week’s list. (Note, please include WAG #4 in the subject heading and tell me how you want your name to appear please!) Deadline: next Tuesday, March 24th.

Ok, so here goes... Cora's WAG assignment #4

Quiet morning, sunny. Hubby's not home yet from the night shift. TV on in the den. The fragment of a song. Mini's watching Noggin and playing with his Cars toy laptop. Outside an 18 wheeler rumbles by on our little country road. Rattling steel. Potholes in the making. Our truck driver neighbor is returning from work. Lightning McQueen laptop says "vowel racer" and "watch for obstructions in the road".

And there you have it. Here are the links to last week's WAG exercises:
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I can hardly believe it's Wednesday, but it is. Where did Monday go? I don't even remember what I did that day. *_* Ordinarily I wouldn't mind so much, but I've got a lot to do before BSG day Friday. Better get on it! Happy hump day, everyone!


  1. I like WAG #4! It's the little things, like sounds, scents, that elevate a scene from fiction to something more real.

    Word Verification: freacer
    hmmm... sounds like a High School nickname. "Hey, Freacer! How's it hangin?"

  2. Thanks, AE! I totally read Fraecer as Fraizer. I have no idea what that means. *_*

  3. Anonymous3:07 AM

    I liked the line "potholes in the making"... nice touch!

    Word verfication: ravenoo

  4. I like the 18-wheeler 'pothles in the making'. Very vivid image in such simple language!

    Oh - just saw that Nixy said the same thing... great minds! :)

  5. Hi Cora, sorry to fall into the same pothole but I liked that phrase, too. That image seems to have it's own story..."There they were, all lined up with their backs against the bar, beers in hand, and cowboy hats tipped slightly; arrayed like 18 wheelers in the truck yard, potholes in the making for the highway of love."

  6. A full writing calendar is a very good thing. Keeps us on our toes, like these little writing exercises. Sounds like you're doing well in the pubs department - congratulations! I've yet to decide if a book tour would be a blessing or a curse. ;) Hope to find out some day. You sound blessed.

    Nice WAG. Looking forward to next week's.

  7. Great description of early morning. The sounds you hear before your eyes open to verify them. Probably some of the best sounds of the day. Thanks.

  8. Great post! I remember my son had a toy robot that started out saying-"Drop your weapon." That soon became "Wop your weapon." And finally "wobba, wobba."

    I, too, like the pot holes line- and Iain-love your description in comments! HA!


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