Saturday, March 21, 2009

BSG Fantastica

Advance notice: this entire post is a huge BSG finale spoiler, so if you can't deal with that, you might want to skip this one!
He lives! My tv crush Leoben lives! :*) For those who might be living under a rock and otherwise not know what I'm talking about, the BSG series finale was last night. I warned away my entire family, threatening bodily harm to anyone who interrupted this episode. Actually, I ended up rocking Minibeast in the recliner with him snoozing in my arms because the end came well after his bed time. So much for vicious threats. But I do try!

Le sigh.

Overall, on a scale from 1-10, I rate the ending a 7.9. I'm happy that they managed to resolve everything they did. They managed to take care of many expectations I had for the characters and civilization itself, but I must admit I expected far, far more from the Starbuck angle.

They have teased us with glimpses of her mother, her father (aka the mysterious piano player), Head Leoben, real Leoben, the hybrid, hybrid-Sam, visions of the blue ring nebula, her playing the magical cylon song on the piano(which DESERVED more explanation!) many other things.

I don't really understand it ending with her as an angel who merely raptures away. Was that because she was chosen? That she was not meant to be mortal? That she had other business? It was time to go find Sam or go to heaven? Maybe she had shopping to do?
It just seems strange considering her human beginnings that they didn't explain it a little more - and this is coming from someone who likes subtlty. Having her just blink away was very anti-climatic and slightly jarring in my book, but I suppose that must've been the effect they were going for.

Even so, it doesn't explain in my mind why her dead body was on Nuked Earth, or why, upon it's discovery, Leoben left her like a slab of tainted meat. Wouldn't she have something to say to him after everything that happened? Wouldn't he have something to say to her? He's told her from the beginning she has a destiny. If I'm at all honest with myself, I kinda feel like the writers/director painted themselves into a corner with Starbuck's character and just didn't know how to get her out, so they hit the teleport button.

I can only hope, what with Sam's last words to her aboard Galactica being "I'll see you on the othe rside", that he and Kara are indeed together. And I totally mean that in a story-continuation kind of way. And just for the record: No, I'm not delusional and believe the show is real. (You wouldn't believe the crazy shit I've seen on fan boards. Or maybe you would, but I'm not interested in going there.) I hope by way of story-continuation, and wonder if the show had gone on for another hour, you'd see Kara and Sam together again in one of the sequences similar to Kara remembering her childhood. If they'd have done that, I could have closed the book and walked away happy, right then and there.

About Lee, I'll say this much: I'm so effing glad he and Kara didn't end up together, and I've already stated why in other blog posts. I'm disappointed and a little surprised that Lee and Daddy Adama hugged and parted ways, though, supposedly for good.

For one thing, from the beginning of the story, there has been a misunderstanding tug-of-war relationship between Lee and Daddy Adama, mostly because we have two headstrong men too much alike to get along. Even so, through it all, there is family connection and loyalty (grudging at times though it may be). Their story is a typical example of a tight knit family irritating the shit out of each other and keeping just enough distance to uphold their own personal beliefs, to feel they've broken out of the influence of the other.

Their walking away from each other at the end was way, way outside of character for both men. Lee is too loyal to walk away from his father - EVER. And Daddy Adama is still a father who has already lost one son,and has feared the entire series of losing another. End of story. You don't just up and sever connections like that. It doesn't flow.

I actually liked Baltar and Caprica's ending (and I've never liked Baltar!). I was also pleased with Boomer, Helo, Sharon's, and most of the Final Five's endings. And I felt especially relieved to see Callie's justice come at last.

The only other thing that I really wish they had touched on, and maybe they will with Caprica and The Plan, is Daniel. That is really the only gaping flesh wound in the story that bugged me. No explanation. He's just a dead final five cylon. I'm sooo not buying that! It would have made more sense to me if Starbuck had turned out to be Daniel.

So that's the core of my BSG finale experience. I could go on for days about it, I'm sure, but I'm gonna stop here and now. OR at least until I end up in a BSG chat or gabbing over it in blog comments. Teehee. ^_^

On a different note, I've culled out a lot of folks from my Twitter account for various reasons - some that I didn't recognize (but look like marketing folk), people collectors that never post, some with posts that I just felt too uncomfortable with (and that takes a LOT for me to say that!). Others because I was tired of reading all the sales SPAM/marketing jazz/snarling/snarky bullshit.

If you think I axed you by mistake, feel free to try again. If you fall into the other category - you actually use your Twitter, add me! I've provided a handy dandy twitter button on the right sidebar.

[NOTICE: Femmebots/SPAM/marketing crawlers who add me WILL.BE.DENIED. #epicfail] This also goes for people who can't help but be complete assholes for the sake of it. I am soooo not impressed with that. *karma*

So there it is, my last BSG rant - for now, muahahahahaha! If you've posted anything on your own blog about BSG, please say something in the comments so I can pay you a visit! I'd love to hear your theories and opinions.

Over and out! *salute*


  1. Happy BSG finale. Sounds to me like although it could have been better, you enjoyed it for what it was. So yay! :) Series finales are tough. And I hate when characters we invest ourselves in don't get their final moment. So I feel your pain!

  2. Thanks, Isy! It was good enough and I'm happy with it. Just like what you said, we invest our selves (and years of our lives!) on these characters. I do expect payoff. I'm just happy my faves didn't all die off.

  3. I'm glad I'm not the only one confused. I know I don't always pay close enough attention, but the whole Starbuck thing left me lost.


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