Monday, February 23, 2009

Twice as Sweet as Sugar

It's been a long busy day. Mini got up early and crawled into bed with me and the hubster. He said he was cold, so I pulled him up between us, and covered him up. He turned over and went right back to sleep, but I was pretty much unable to rest after that. I got up and piled on the couch, and was half dozing, half watching Blues Clues until Mini came searching for me and Oldest had to leave for school.

It felt like I got almost no sleep at all. Hubby took Mini with him, and went laptop shopping. His computer has been overheating a shutting down. Oy, not a sign. Since we did the whole tax thing, I've been thinking about a picking out a new acoustic, and guess what hubby surprised me with today? *SQUEE!* There's a new guitar sitting in the dining room with me this evening. Tonight once Mini is in bed snoozing, I'll tune it and attach the strap and all that. Big hugs and many brownie points to hubby. ^_^

After finally watching Resident Evil Degeneration (which I was seriously disappointed in to say the least) Hubby and I got into this big discussion about zombie movies, and we ended up talking about Shaun of the Dead. In that particular scene shown, the guys are drunk, and come out of a pub and are singing White Lines. I nearly died laughing. It just seemed like a What the heck brought that on? kind of song to be singing. Hubby didn't recognize the song, and Oldest, well, he isn't old enough to remember that one. I tried singing it to Hubby to refresh his memory, but let's face it - I was never meant to sing. Ever. And hubby had no idea what the heck song I was talking about anyway.

{video clip deleted}

Hehehehehehe! I remember when this song was on the radio. Very serious stuff that was meant to warn about the perils of cocaine use. They were tres cutting edge. ^_^ Whoever did this fan video for it did a great job, too.

Today I did a bit of hunting at the library, and brought home a stack of books: a figher pilot flight manual, Rimrunners by CJ Cherryh, The Vanishing by Bentley Little, Hostile Takeover by Susan Shwartz, and Nylon Angel by Marianne de Pierres. The flight manual is research for a book I may or may not write. I'm still gathering notes and debating it while I work on this current story.

This week I really have to focus on my pitch for NOLA. I've been so busy with deadlines, I haven't have a chance to really plan and prepare, so just like last time, I'm scrabbling at the end to pull it together. The actual delivery of the pitch will be fine, but I'm nervous about getting the actual story line across. I hope I don't pitch this thing, then the agent says, "That's great, but I don't take that kind of romance."

I've researched and researched the agents I'm pitching to, but I can't find the exact specifics I'm looking for about the material they take. Like, how hot are the romances they're interested in? Honestly, I kinda wish at this point I'd held off about pitching, but if you want decent rates and to be guaranteed a session, you have to book well in advance. So however you care to look at it, I'll be winging this one. Go me. :P

There are things afoot at the Midnight Moon Cafe! Author Gwen Hayes will be with us this Thursday, February 26th for a Midnight Brew Interview. :) Be sure to mark that on your calendar!

Also, writer friend AE Rought is having a snazzy cool giveaway on her blog.

For those who have been asking about Moonlight and Shadows, today I received my editor assignment, so things are moving along nicely. *thumbs up* The release date is still TBA, but I'll be sure to add that info here on my blog, at my website, and at my yahoo newsletter group once things are scheduled.

That's it for me today. I have flight manual reading to do. *salute* I hope you've all have a safe and sane Monday.


  1. Shaun of the dead is one of my all time favorite movies. I also like hot fuzz. That line "the greater good" just kills me. now anytime i hear someone say it i can't help repeating in a deadpan voice the greater good. and then i start giggling and everybody looks at me like i'm off my rocker.

  2. We all love Shaun of the Dead here! it's one of those, 'I don't know what else to watch' kind of flicks. Sometimes you just need the stupid humor. ^_^

    Sounds like quite the reading list you have there! I was in a B&N yesterday drooling of the YA covers. OMG Seriously, I might have to write one. I want the pretties!

  3. I liked Hot Fuzz better than Shaun of the Dead but it may be because I saw it first, or so my boys tell me.

  4. LOL! That's brilliant, Sarah! ^_^ I just looked up video clips on youtube for Hot Fuzz. I'm ashamed to say I haven't seen it - yet. I must see this movie!

  5. AE, I'm addicted to zombie movies. I have a shelf full of them and can watch them over and over. It never gets old for me. Shaun of the dead kills me with teh funnies. ^_^

    Hey, about YA - send me an email when you get a chance. I found one among my collection you might want.

  6. Leah, another vote for the goodness of Hot Fuzz. I'm doubly tempted to watch it now!


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