Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Tuesday Ramblings

My neighbors, the dog collectors. Grr. They brought home a little female dog several months ago, and the dog stays in our yard all the time.

We call her Fifi, and feed her because she was quite skeletal for a while. We also sprayed her for fleas and dipped her while the neighbors were away to cure her puppy mange. I secretly vaccinated her with an 8-in-one shot at the same time I vaxed my own dog. If she ended up with parvo, I know the neighbors wouldn't sit through it with her and that is a terrible, terrible disease.

Anyway, she plays with the Minibeast in the afternoons when we go outside, and he's quite attached to her. I think we all are. And I gotta admit I knew this day would come, but there was no way to sneak Fifi off to the vet to have her spayed. I mean, we'd have to keep her inside until she healed, and she'd have a scar and of course a follow up visit.

I could just imagine the lawsuit rolling our way if we did have her fixed. So I knew this day would come, and now she is in heat, driving our pitbull bonkers so that he does this rattley, lip quivering howl at any given moment. *_* Too, the male dogs in the neighborhood keep fighting in our front yard and I'm at my wits end with it. Poor Fifi.

It doesn't set well with me to start that the neighbors are letting her run loose, but it chaps me even worse because the male dogs chase her into our hedges. I know by now she's already knocked up, and I'm debating what to do. The neighbors have a habit of getting dogs when they're puppies, letting them run wild, then hauling them off when they become an inconvenience. Well, an inconvenience to themselves, not the rest of the neighborhood that's actually feeding, vaccinating, and dipping their dogs to keep them healthy.

I'm thinking we might have to just bite the bullet and offer to buy her from the neighbors. Not sure how that will work, though. I can imagine a few nasty scenarios coming from that little intervention. And then, if they did decide to sell us the pooch, we'd have a puppy problem in a few months. Oy vey.

What attrocity have I done to deserve this? I hate to see them haul her off though just because she's preggie. Mini will be heartbroken when she just "vanishes" and doesn't come back. He's too young to understand.

If we were to buy Fifi, and they went for it, I'd have furniture to worry about for one. She's not house broken and she'd have to become an inhouse doggie, because we don't let our critters run loose. We have an enormous dog yard sectioned off with a chainlink fence that runs directly off the back of the house so we can let pitbull in and out through the laundry room.

Just thinking about all this gives me a headache, and I really need to be focusing on work, which is like ARG and BLAH right now. This project is going to kill me; I just know it. Well, maybe not. But I can play dead to prove a point, I guess. I planned to stay up late last night and finish revising a chapter but when I put Mini to bed and did the whole routine of laying there talking to him until he falls asleep, I fell asleep. And I didn't wake up until 2 AM. I imagine I would've slept clear through to morning, but I dreamed I was on this cruise ship and it was a hellish labyrinth of corridors when all I wanted to do was find the bathroom...

Last night while talking on the phone with hubster, I was telling him all about my naughty Jeep fantasies, and after some lecturing on his part, he starts talking about conversion kits for Mustard Jeep and trading in my BBQ Jeep for a work truck for him. Oh, sexy, sexy man, you are talking my language!

A minute later, he kinda sorta killed the buzz by asking, "But what if we have another baby? The space, ya know? Where would we put a 2nd car seat?"

Well, we'd be screwed, that's what. You practically have to be a gymnast to get a car seat into Mustard. But I'm so not going there right now. I want to daydream about conversion kits and trade-ins for as long as I can.


  1. Oh, the dog drama! :( We had that here, and I literary cried when I realized the bitch that owned the dogs we'd take care of and grown attached to, moved and didn't even let me say goodbye. Breaks my heart, still. Don't look for level headed advice from me. I'd be all for taking the dog (by force if necessary) and then notifying me of a litter so I can swoop in and get a puppy.

    Smooches, hon!

  2. OMG. If you want puppies drive down and doggy-snatch Fifi. At least I'd know she'd be in good hands. Poor girl. ~_~'


  3. Anonymous5:32 PM

    I just hate it when people leave neglect dogs. We got our precious Spider and Sunshine before that from people who neglected them. And I wouldn't have given a quadrillion bucks for Spider even though she was with us a very short time.

    Awwww...Sweet hubby to be keeping in mind future babies.


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