Sunday, February 08, 2009

Snazzy Sunday

Wow! I just realized it's well after midnight here in the CST. Hubby is home, and Oldest - who I thought for sure would be spending the night at his grammy's - decided to come back home to snooze. The two of them have been up watching Jean Claude Van Damme movies, and basically lounging around enjoying each other's company. Mini sacked out around 9 pm.

I tell ya, I ran that kid ragged all day Saturday. We played and played. I took him out to chase the hoarde of neighbor dogs and to ride in his Jeep. We also played ball, threw rocks, dug in the dirt, and walked out back to the storage shed so he could sit on the riding mower and pretend he was driving for a while. Once hubby arrived home from TX, we made a trip to the grocery store, and I ended up buying another one of those Mickey Mouse Color Wonder coloring books for Mini. First thing back home, we put away groceries and Mini and I broke out the markers. He never stopped going from sun up to sundown. Pair all that with NO NAP, and come 8 pm Mini was whining to go to bed. But oh, no...gotta have a bath first, Mister!

I gave him a bubble bath, dried and dressed him, then shooed him into the den to watch Street Fighter *giggle* with Hubby and Oldest. I took a quick bath, and by the time I got out and came in to check on him, he was passed out on the couch. Poor, tired beast.

Hubby will be home through to Valentine's Day, so I'm planning to get out a few stories while I have him close to home. *evil hand wringing* I read through the sexy android story I finished a month ago, and discovered it's really quite clean. I thought it needed far more work than what it does. I marked the corrections on the hardcopy and have it set to the side for when I get a free moment to make the changes to my word file. I should be able to send that story in sometime next week.

Tonight (Sunday morning, actually) I'm up working on requested revisions. I didn't intend to work over the weekend, but I had a project accepted, *happy dance* so I'm not about to let it linger. Time to break out the hardcore editing hat.

Overall, Saturday was good things rolled up into a big ball of YAY! Hopefully Sunday will be just as snazzy. Happy weekend, everyone!


  1. Yay, you! Congrats on the acceptance! *pop pom swish*

    I spent a good portion of Sunday snuffling back boogers while working on Kat's poodle skirt. Remind me never to sew while sick again. >.<

    Word verification: hootsion

  2. Thanks, AE! :*)

    BTW, I hope you're feeling better soon. Sick + sewing seems dangerous!


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