Monday, February 02, 2009

Monday Has Landed

On Saturday, when Hubster returned home from Texas, he won mega brownie points with his lil wifey by surprising me with all the available DVD boxed sets of BSG. Squee!

Well, Saturday was too busy to do much, so I figured we'd have a cozy little Sunday together, but since everyone knew hubster was home, we got a neverending series of phone calls and visitors.

My godfather arrived in the late afternoon, and since he'd popped in, I told him about that come-and-go tooth ache I've been having since last week. (Week before last? It all blends, and I blame the aliens.)

Anyway, GF decided we should take a little jaunt up to the office to take a look at the tooth, but he didn't want me to drag around "primping" because he had to be back to watch the superbowl with his Oldest. So, I graced his presense in my Save the Humans T shirt and my favority-est pair of Tripp army pants that look like I salvaged them from a dumpster because they're huge, too long, and have big frayed out hems because I've been barefoot in them and the hems get caught under my feet. Honestly, I looked dreadful. Thankfully my family doesn't love me for the way I dress, or I'd be one lonely girl.

So we took Xrays of my teeth, and he did a cleaning for me. I that squeaky, just polished feeling. It was a great checkup. I have a weak spot on one tooth, but no problems. Around V-Day I'm going to go in afterhours and he'll bond over the weak spot so to protect it. Sounds like a plan to me. *thumbs up*

Today I have to put on the big girl panties and really knuckle down on my revisions. No more slacking; call deadlines are Friday. Foo. There's not all that much to do on the story really, but good grief I'm struggling for the motivation to do it. I may have to call on my crit partners to crack the whip.

So there it is. The grand plan. Writing, Mini, and peeking in on Oldest now and again - he's not feeling too great, poor thing. I'm out for now. I hope you all have a smooth and sick-free Monday!


  1. Am I going to have to whip you into shape? *curls up whip* GET ON IT, Miss Cora! You want to make deadline! :)

    And yay- your hubby is a sweetie. :)

  2. Meep! Thanks for the whip, Isy. I tell ya, I've GOTTA get on this story tonight. *sob*

    No more BSG episodes until I've revised an entire chapter.


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