Thursday, February 19, 2009

Making Progress

I'm two pages away from finishing the naughty vampire wip. Woot! I was hoping I could have this thing completed by Friday, but I had my doubts all the way up until this morning. Everytime I'd get a page whittled down, I'd look at the page count and the numbers were going up. Sinkhole editing. What can I say?

Mom dropped by for a visit early this morning and while we sat around talking and drinking coffee, she decided she wanted to take Mini with her to spend the night. I didn't even faint when she offered. She hasn't had a chance to hang out with him much lately, and I kinda think it gets lonely for her over at the new house by herself. So, after much hoohooing and dancing around the kitchen on Mini's part, I agreed to let him stay the night and packed a bag for him. I'd barely got his socks on his feet and he was ready to go, charging the door and all that.

"Wait, Mini, aren't you forgetting something?" *shoes* He would've left without them and never blinked an eye, but I also had to get is car seat and set him up, so I managed to get some sneakers on him.

With Mini on visitation with the Grand Parentals, I managed to wing through the house and get it all cleaned up by - GASP - 11:30! So that means I've had all this nice quite time to work on the vamps, and I tell ya, I've been using it. Mark my words, I'm sending off this wip tonight!

There is one other thing I need to do, and I think I'm going to lure Oldest into going with me: I really need to haul off the garbage because it STINKS. I have no idea what the guys could have possibly put in the trashcan overnight to make it reek that frikkin bad. But, oy, it does. *_*

That's pretty much it for now. I gotta get supper starting in about an hour, so I'm gonna find a comfy spot to curl up with the laptop and stake these vamps. Er, at least the story. I'm so ready to move on.

Happy Thursday, everyone!


  1. Tonight? That would be awesome! :)

    I really hope you get the vamps done. The circumstances seem to have fallen in your favor. I think the muse is going to run free!

  2. Thanks, Isabelle! ^_^ The vamps should be finished tonight. I have one page left to go, and most of it is luuurve scene so it shouldn't take too long to sort through it. Woot! :P

  3. Don't you just love it when grandma takes the little ones? *waxes nostalgic* I remember when my kids were excited about that, too--then they turned into teens...

    YOu simply must post and let us know if you finished the vamps story!


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