Thursday, February 05, 2009

Life is Colored Headache Gray

I managed to make a little progress on my deadline story last night. Only three more pages of heavy revisions to go and the final draft will be done, and ready for submission. And not a moment too soon. The deadline for this thing is tomorrow.

The ravenous hoarde of neighbor dogs are driving me bonkers. Poor Fifi has been hiding in our hedges and last night you could hear the dog fights rolling around in our front yard. The neighbors came and went from their house several times during the carnage and never once called to their dogs, never once set a foot across the street to try and bring part of the hoarde back into their own yard. Just for that, I hope karma takes a steaming dump right on their front porch.

Today Ravenous Romance is giving away a free ebook download of The Virgin Principal by Trudy Doyle. Either click the text link, or copy the link at the bottom of this post and paste it into your browser to go straight to the book page. **

About The Virgin Principal: (blurb from the Ravenous Romance site)

When Sara Fidele walks into an Atlantic City casino, and a die from a craps table bounces to the toe of her satin Manolo, she never expects its owner to ask, “So tell me...are you a virgin?” Because all she needs is one look into the blue-tipped drill of his eyes to know if she’s exactly what he’s looking for, this tuxedoed cocktail of a man will be more than happy to show her the way around a good toss, as well as a whole new definition of getting lucky.

Sounds hot, so be sure to download your free copy while you can!

Speaking of books and writerly things, I ordered all new bookmarks yesterday. Oy, I hope they turn out great. The design is gorgeous, and was worked up just for me by the talented Silma Pagan. *hugs* She totally rocks me with her Photoshop skills.

I woke up this morning to the news that Lux Interior of The Cramps died on Wednesday. Here's the link to the article on

What a bummer. I have great memories of this band. If you've never heard of them, check out I Was A Teenage Werewolf on youtube. It's classic.

I remember when their cover of Surfin' Dead ended up on the movie The Return of the Living Dead (1985). My friend, Amie, and I sat with a tape recorder next to the TV/VCR trying to record the song bits off the end credits before we had to return the rental. Talk about pirate music. Back then you really had to work for it. *waggles cane* I think it took 4 tries before we got it down without any dogs barking or phones ringing. And just to put it all into perspective, I was about 12 years old then. Great times, yep, great times...

So there it is, all the news I have today. I really need to get off my buns and do some writing. It's after 11 and Mini will be wanting his lunch soon. Happy Thursday everyone!

**Additional copy and paste link for your free copy of Trudy Doyle's The Virgin Principal:


  1. Quit procrastinating and go finish that story! *shakes walker at you*

    I remember taping songs off the radio, cussing the DJ for talking over intros. *sigh* The good ole days.

  2. Anonymous5:28 PM

    I remember that band. Thanks for the heads up on the download.

    Now, write, says the pot to the kettle.

  3. Hi Cora,

    Thanks for mentioning the free e-book!



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